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Now Streaming: “Artemis Fowl” on Disney+ (6/12/2020)

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As previously discussed, the latest film in the Disney live-action adventures comes care of the movie “Artemis Fowl” which is a bit of a spy thriller that is based on a series of Young Reader novels. This film was supposed to make its debut in the theaters but thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic instead will be available today and going forward on their popular Disney+ Streaming Service. We’ve touched upon the film already with the Official Trailer and the Special Look clips that you can see by clicking the highlighted text at your leisure. Now it’s time to look at the poster, the premise and the casting on this Kenneth Branagh directed film

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The Premise:
Artemis Fowl is a 12-year-old genius and a descendant of a long line of criminal masterminds. He searches for his father, who has mysteriously disappeared, and comes into conflict with the hidden world of the fairies.
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Now In Theaters: “The Call Of The Wild” (2/21/2020)

the call of the wild film logo

A few short months ago we shared the Official Trailer for “The Call Of The Wild”, a 20th Century Studios production that opens today in theaters near you. Click the highlighted text to see that post and then please enjoy the theatrical poster, premise and casting.

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The Premise:
A domesticated St. Bernard/Scotch Collie dog named Buck is stolen from his Santa Clara, California home and sold to freight haulers in Yukon. Crossing paths with a man named John Thornton, the two embark on an adventure where Buck finds his true place in the world.
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Now In Theaters: “Sonic The Hedgehog” (2/14/2020)

sonic the hedgehog film logo, paramount pictures

Back in November, the world got a brand-new Official Trailer for the Paramount PIctures release “Sonic The Hedgehog” and since that time a number of TV Spots have been revealed as well. Just click the highlighted text in the event that you’d like to see any of that stuff. The all-ages adventure film opens today in theaters everywhere so let’s take a look at the official poster, premise and casting one more time.

movie posters, promotional posters, paramount pictures, sonic the hedgehog

The Plot: Sonic, a blue anthropomorphic hedgehog from an alternate dimension, comes to Earth to escape malevolent forces that seek to harness his power of super-speed. After accidentally causing a massive power outage while hiding out in the town of Green Hills, Montana, Sonic is targeted by the government who then hire the tyrannical roboticist Dr. Robotnik to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Green Hills sheriff Tom Wachowski meets Sonic and decides to help him evade capture, collect his rings, and stop Robotnik from using Sonic’s powers for world domination.
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Now In Theaters: “Cats” (12/20/2019)

cats movie logo

Having touched upon the film “Cats” already a few times here on “The Chronicles”, I’m going to suggest the interested readers click HERE to see what’s come before in terms of trailer reveals and other special features. The ensemble cast is so loaded with big names, that I felt keeping up with this one was a good idea. The film opens today in theaters everywhere and you can review the premise, casting and official Theatrical Poster down below.

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The Premise: Over the course of a single night, a tribe of cats called the Jellicles make what is known as “the Jellicle choice” and decide which cat will ascend to the Heaviside Layer and come back to a new life.
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Now In Theaters: “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” (12/20/2019)

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It almost feels like forever ago when I posted the FINAL TRAILER for “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” and while it was only in October, we’ve surely had a bevy of content related to the film to share with you all. Since then there have been Featurettes, TV Spots and Promotional Posters that you can examine at your leisure by clicking HERE (I’ve directed you to my PiercingMetal.com site for all of that since I posted more about the film on that page). Now its time for the moment that you have all been waiting for since “Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker” opens today in theaters everywhere. As you know this was a journey that began some forty plus years ago in 1977 with “Star Wars: A New Hope” (before it even had a Roman numeral and chapter name). Today that film opens in theaters everywhere and I’d say to check your listings but you will likely be able to find a showing at every turn especially if you live in a big metropolis like we do. Below you’ll find the Official Theatrical Poster, premise and casting. Let’s review.

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The Premise: The remnants of the Resistance face the First Order once again—while reckoning with the past and their own inner turmoil. Meanwhile, the ancient conflict between the Jedi and the Sith reaches its climax, altogether bringing the Skywalker saga to a definitive end.
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