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The New York Philharmonic Cancels All Previously Scheduled Concerts Through June 2021

The Press Release:
If the world hadn’t changed, the New York Philharmonic would have opened its subscription season and by now been well into our live concert schedule. We all know why that simply wasn’t possible. I cannot begin to tell you how much the musicians, Jaap van Zweden, and the entire “Phil family” miss you and our shared communal experience of a live concert.

Today we share news that we did our best to avert, but reality has intervened. Due to mandatory state and city government health regulations, the Philharmonic will not be able to resume live, indoor concerts in January as originally hoped. With deep regret, all previously scheduled concerts from January 6 to June 13, 2021, must now be cancelled. In the 178-year history of our institution, the cancellation of an entire season marks a historic first, and a dreadful one at that. If you are disappointed, please know how devastated we all are by this turn of events. The health and financial challenges, indeed the experiential challenges we all face, are profound.
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Organizers Cancel 2020 Affordable Art Fair NYC Amid Coronavirus Concerns

affordable art fair logo

The Statement:
New York Fall: 24 – 27 September 2020 – It is with a heavy heart we are announcing the cancellation of Affordable Art Fair NYC September 2020 edition. We send you our warmest wishes for your health and look forward to seeing you at our Spring 2021 edition, where we will bring you an array of local, national and international galleries, showcasing 1000s of affordable contemporary artworks, all priced up to $10,000.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Sadly, I’ve never been to this particular event before but did learn about it from our friends over at the The Worley Gig who’ve covered it a number of times over the years. One of my plans for this year before it all came crashing down was to explore it at long last and bring you the inside scoop. Let’s hope that the Spring Show that is listed on their website will end up happening because if it is I will do my best to be there as well. See you next time. Feel free to chime in if you were planning on this one as I’d love to hear from you.

Official Website: https://affordableartfair.com/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aafnyc/

Stop Packing: The 2021 New York Times Travel Show Has Been Cancelled

new york times travel show

The Statement:
After continuous monitoring of the latest developments regarding the coronavirus, The New York Times has decided to cancel its 2021 Travel Show, originally slated for January 29-31, 2021. This action is not one we have taken lightly, as we understand the many efforts involved by the many various vendors, exhibitors, the Javits Center, and of course the tens of thousands of dedicated travel professionals and travel enthusiasts who rely on the Travel Show to plan their next great adventure. Yet, we believe this response to be the most prudent and in line with our desire to support governmental health agencies that have developed guidelines to ensure the public’s safety. We are sharing these recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in an abundance of caution and will continue to closely monitor developments as they arise. We look forward to seeing you at the New York Times Travel Show in 2022. Please be sure to check the Travel Show website for the latest information around the 2022 Show.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Considering that Summer isn’t here yet, and we are talking about an event that is some 7 months away, I have to admit a little bit of a surprise at this news. Sure, I don’t think that any of the agenda items I’ve hoped to be a part of well into the Fall will be taking place, but to find a special event like this massive show being cancelled in early June just leaves me shocked. Now its without question that this virus is a lot more serious than many people are willing to admit but it is and its time for you all to pay better attention. Your health is more important than hanging out and getting drinks or shopping (and believe me I miss ALL OF THE THINGS). Historically speaking, I’ve been starting my convention coverage year with the Travel Show, the Boat Show and the BroadwayCon. These three lead me into the February NY NOW and the Toy Fair and while its too early to tell if those will also be cancelled, this news doesn’t leave me with a lot of hope. As always, you should be following our social networks of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to see what is coming down the pike, if anything actually is, and using our handy Events Calendar to see the very latest in listings and changes to them. I wish you all a healthy June and the rest of the coming months. Remember to wear a mask, practice the social distancing and limit your interactions with others until they say its okay to do so. Also, its rather important that you properly discard this mask and gloves stuff and stop throwing it on the ground. I want this virus gone as much as anyone, and I don’t need your selfish negligence keeping it around. My two cents. See you next time.

Official Website: https://nyttravelshow.com/

The 2020 Architectural Digest Design Show Is Cancelled Amid Coronavirus Concerns

Following the official word that the New York International Auto Show and the Geeks OUT Flame Con for 2020 had been cancelled, comes the statement from the media organizers of the wonderful Architectural Digest Design Show announcing its cancellation for the year as well. Read on.

architectual digest design show logo

After careful consideration, we have decided to cancel the Architectural Digest Design Show 2020. The Show Management and Condé Nast feel this is the most prudent course of action as we all learn how to best navigate the coming months in the safest manner possible. Our top priority is the health of our exhibitors, attendees, and staff, as well as to provide the most beneficial show possible for all.

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: Though the Coronavirus Pandemic is not as bad as it was some weeks ago, I am not surprised to find this event cancelled since its massive and brings in thousands and thousands of attendees. At this point its still better to be safe than sorry and while I was really looking forward to attending, the circumstances have found it to be impossible. There is a part of me that feels no large-scale event will be happening this year and that is going to suck but its better than getting a deadly virus. Stay healthy out there my readers, I will keep doing these posts to keep you engaged and entertained in a very precarious time. See you again soon.

Official Website: http://addesignshow.com/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ADDesignShow/

Event Update: Japan Day Central Park 2020 Is Cancelled

japan day central park logo

The Statement:
Dear friends,

Thank you for your continuous support to Japan Day @ Central Park 2020.

In light of the ongoing situation concerning the novel coronavirus pandemic, after much consideration, we have regrettably come to the decision to postpone the Japan Day @ Central Park 2020 (Japan Day Parade and Festival) event, currently scheduled for May 10, 2020, to a later date in the year (currently anticipating the fall).
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