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The Norelco 985RX Has Left The Building :(

It’s been a few days already and I am finally coming to terms with the fact that my very long used rotary razor, the Norelco 985RX “shaving system” has died after about seventeen years of use. Simply put I loved this thing because I tend to have a rough beard when it grows a little bit and this device dispatched it with ease and left me smooth and sleek. I actually first got this back when I worked at an advertising firm and they were a client of the company. We were able to order from the company for the same prices that their own people did which was a nice bonus. In 1995 this was a pretty pricy little tool and about $150 bucks if memory serves me correctly.

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The Norelco 985RX Shaver

It’s one of the oldest pieces of technological advancement that I have had and while you might say “so then just repair it”, it was just not really a cost-effective decision at this point. It was repaired once a number of years ago when it fell into the sink that had some water in it, but don’t worry it was not plugged in at the time. It was also the last time that I left water in the sink before shaving LOL. I was fast to act but still not fast enough to prevent damage. The photo I’ve loaded into this summary was taken just before it was sent to tech Valhalla. Yeah I know it looks almost new, but I tried to keep it spiffy.

Goodbye old friend. Thank you for your dedicated service and your assistance in keeping me somewhat presentable. Fortunately I do still have his younger brother and he appears to have a little life in him that should carry me awhile . Part of me actually cannot wait to dig into a brand new device just the same since they seem so much more powerful and functional. Norelco stuff comes out via Phillips nowadays and it does seem that a good model will still run you about $100 bucks.

UPDATE: Ever since writing this posting I was using the as referred to younger brother to this shaver, which was the 965RX but on 7/24/12 that one also died. At this point I am just going to grab myself a new one and smile at the notion on how long each of these devices lasted me.

Official Website: https://www.usa.philips.com/c-m-pe/face-shavers/