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Happy Easter My Dear Readers

We just wanted to take a moment and wish all of our readers a very “Happy Easter” today if they are celebrating. It’s our holiday too for those curious and I am getting ready for the usual practice of morning mass and then some time with family. If this is your celebration we hope that you enjoy the day as well. Of course to our esteemed readers that are still celebrating the Passover holiday we hope that has been wonderful for you.

I didn’t post a lot of images this time around, that happens on occasion. Until next time.

Happy Easter 2013 NYC!!!

Just a quick post to wish our readers a very “Happy Easter” today, and while we fully realize that some of you were also celebrating Passover this past week, I extend a “Happy Pesach” to you folks as well. We do Easter over here in case you wondered and with that being the case I snapped some images specific to the day.


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