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One Last Summer For Duke’s Bar at Gramercy :(

Logo - Dukes Bar

It’s with incredible sadness that I share the email that I just received about Duke’s Bar, which has been one of my very favorite places to get together before Metal and Rock shows at the Irving Plaza and Gramercy Theatre venues for several years now. I began my forays into Duke’s thanks to my buddy Steve Keeler who “found” the place for my own dining radar and from there I helped set up Metal pregaming hangs for more shows than can easily be counted. Here’s the email….

“To our loyal Duke’s Customers, After 20 years in the Gramercy Neighborhood, we are closing our doors at the end of the summer. Thank you for all the great times throughout the years. Our Murray Hill location at 860 Third Avenue will remain open and we hope to see you there for more of your favorite food, drinks, staff and good times”.

The note continues with their inviting patrons to join them for one last dinner on July 28th by calling 212-477-1500 to book a space while there is the means to do so.

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Front Of Duke’s Bar

I’m numb because if you have gone to the amount of shows that I have in the region, you have most likely been here on your own or as one of the masses that raised glasses with me before the charge onto the venues. This is a loss that I am surely going to feel as it draws closer to its last day. I plan on visiting Duke’s a few times before the closure as I am not sure I could handle the final night. When Smith’s Bar initially closed I did the same thing and went the night before the final night as it was easier to say goodbye in my head. Of course they had a miraculous return thanks to new owners but I am doubtful that the same shall be found with Duke’s. I’ll likely be lamenting Duke’s once again but friends and those who had enjoyed some good times at this pub with me over the years or on their own are welcome to leave comments in below since that adds some weight to these words. The sadness countdown begins now with just over one month left to go. New York City really doesn’t want to be New York City anymore it seems.

Official Website: http://dukesnyc.com/

Adriana Louise: A Dukette Finds “The Voice” Part 2

You might remember me posting not too long ago about a young lady that I met who worked as one of the wonderful waitresses at our stomping ground Duke’s. If you don’t, a quick recap for you is HERE. Her name is Adriana Louise and she is an aspiring singer and she is competing for the big prize on the current season of NBC’s “The Voice”. Generally I don’t keep up with stuff like this but when you know the person involved, you kind of want to pay more attention and cheer them on from the sidelines. Even though Metal music flows through my veins I will be the first to raise my glass up to anyone whom is talented and brave enough to be a part of a competition like that.

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Adriana Louise: A Dukette Finds “The Voice”

I’m going to admit that I have never before watched an episode of the NBC talent competition “The Voice”. Over the years I have supported the audition shows for both “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” because so many of the people I encounter on a daily basis as a music journalist for my Metal site do that kind of thing, but “The Voice” always managed to elude me – until now. Let me explain why.

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