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“Good Friday” Eats @ Pho Hoai Bay Ridge

We are smack dab in the middle of the Easter weekend and with this being a holiday that I celebrate as a card-carrying Catholic, I do my best to fast on Good Friday and have one meal only. It’s also stressed that no meat be involved so keeping it to fish is what I always try to do on this particular day. After my morning coffee, I did my best to distract myself from any noshing or bites of this and that by working on photos and such. When it came to finally getting something to eat, I had decided upon the nearby Pho Hoai Vietnamese restaurant in my Bay Ridge neighborhood and since I LOVE showcasing food here on The Chronicles, wanted to share my selections with you all.

Let’s start off with the appetizers of crispy calamari. They make a nice batch of the stuff but its not like the crispy squid in garlic sauce that I love to death from Nha Trang in Manhattan. They do serve it with a tasty gelatinous sort of dip but its not the same IMHO.

pho hai, vietnamese cuisine
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Eating It Up @ BurgerFi

I’ve been wanted to try the recently opened Burgerfi restaurant in my Bay Ridge neighborhood since I first saw it but like most plans, they got shifted to the wayside until the other day.  Now the time had come and I would finally get to sample their offerings.

burgerfi, hamburger joints

Once you place your order, you get one of these little buzzer devices to let you know when your meal is ready.  I chuckled at this because the place isn’t really that big so just shouting “number five” is not out of order.  Oh well.

burgerfi, hamburger joints

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Eating It All @ Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse (Myrtle Beach, SC)

Continuing along with some of the restaurants my family and I visited during my first trip down to their new location of Myrtle Beach, SC, I am up to the Rioz Brazilian Steakhouse. This was something that my Father had wanted to try more than Mom did but I am surely not going to argue with being carnivorous.

rioz brazilian steakhouse

Historically speaking, I have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse and while I’ve visited BBQ spots over the years this was something entirely different. We ordered a drink, a Mojito, which was made right in front of us from a little wagon of ingredients. It was cool and the drink super tasty, and very strong. You didn’t want to have more than one of these if you were driving anywhere soon that’s for sure.

rioz brazilian steakhouse
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Quick Eats @ Liberty Tap Room (Myrtle Beach, SC)

As a number of posts over the course of this month on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” have explained, I had headed down South early in the month to see family and now that I am back in good ole NYC, I’m getting to posting about many of the sights I enjoyed. I also wanted to serve up some images of the eats that I had if you can pardon the terrible pun and instead of lumping them all together they each get a post of their own. That brings me to the Liberty Tap Room which was the first place that my folks and I dined upon my arrival. It’s a typical pub type of place and since it was a Sunday there was not a lot of choices. Yes, outside of NYC places take off on Sunday.

liberty tap room

The place had numerous representations of the iconic Statue Of Liberty around, and this was one of the more prominent ones so I snapped a visual. I’m not going to go overboard about the decor of the place as much as share the images of the eats that we enjoyed.

liberty tap room
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Fooding With Finns @ Hill Country BBQ Market NYC

If you’ve been reading my PiercingMetal Facebook at all from the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen me mention that we were wandering around with the keyboardist/founder of the Finnish Band “Amberian Dawn” and a couple of his friends. During these adventures we hit some of the local favorite pubs like our much loved Duke’s and even McSorley’s but now the time had some to sit down for a proper dinner at a place called HILL COUNTRY BBQ MARKET. Since I had never been there before, I decided to take some photos and add them to the food focused posts on The Chronicles. When you sit down, the server gives you one of these little guides/tickets. It’s very important to keep this ticket. The server made sure to mention this.

hill country bbq market

Initially I wasn’t planning on documenting this visit, but since I had snapped several photos with my mobile said it was a good idea. Here are some additional looks at this little guide card.

hill country bbq market
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