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Examining The: Think Tank Photo Credentials Holder

As a very active member of the media, I am often seen sporting some sort of sticker or pass that allows me the permission to do the photography stuff or be involved with some of the behind the scenes stuff at shows all around our great metropolis. With this being the case I was long in need of something that allowed for the safe-keeping of said credentials and fortunately the fine folks at Think Tank Photo had just what I needed. Behold the Think Tank Photo “Credentials Holder”. I got my hands on the large sized one and will go over some of its finer points in the photos below. Let’s begin.

think tank photo credentials holder

The photo above shows you the credentials holder from the front and as you can see this particular model has a nicely sized window to display whatever credentials or pass that you might have to use for your assignment or any adventure where it applies. Right behind the clear window is a larger pocket which is perfect for holding a thin note pad if you need some paper handy. The front flap has velcro on it to seal it nice and soundly. Flipping it to the reverse side you can see that its completely sealed all around and even offers a belt loop if you wanted to wear it that way or on a knapsack strap somehow.

think tank photo credentials holder
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