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The Saks Fifth Avenue Holiday Facade (2016)

saks fifth avenue logo

I was out with friends last week and after the holiday fun, went on some adventuring to finish my Christmas Tree hunting and to see if I could snag the always impressive display by Sak’s Fifth Avenue. Luckily, just as I had hit the corner the next presentation was set to begin so I shot from where I stood with the trusty Samsung point and shoot.

I hope that you liked it, I think next time I am going to try and get this a little more in the center of the area since some part of this were hard to see. Stay tuned for some additional Holiday fun for the season as my Christmas In NYC posts continue.

Official Website: http://www.saksfifthavenue.com/stores/store.jsp?storeNumber=001

Saks Fifth Avenue Presents: “Land Of 1000 Delights”

I was out with friends just the night before and after our gather I felt that finishing up what I was referring to as my “Christmas Tree Hunt” explorations would be a great idea. I still needed the Rockefeller Center and Bloomberg Building ones and while heading down to one of my mapped out locations I noticed the windows at Saks Fifth Avenue and since it was late enough to not have a large crowd filtering past, I snapped some images for you all to enjoy. The display was called “Land Of 1000 Delights” and I’ll let you peruse.

saks fifth avenue, land of 1000 delights

saks fifth avenue, land of 1000 delights
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