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“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Celebrates 11th Anniversary (2010-2021)

Hello my friends and a “Happy Saturday” to you all if you are reading this on the day of its being published. So far as I can tell, it’s going to be a warm day today but I am not here to discuss the weather and instead want to share with the readership what I feel is some very cool news. Today is the 11th Anniversary of “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” Lifestyle Blog. A lot of you know of it only as “Piercing Ken” since that is the title I grabbed on a number of the social networks and the domain but the full formal title is “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken” and I will not lie when I say that it’s been an interesting few years since the launch of this particular blog. Let’s recap.
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PiercingMetal’s Tumblr Turned 11 Today!

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Hello my friends and ardent readers of “The Chronicles” of Piercing Ken; It’s once again time for me to take a moment out of your day to discuss some of the social networking stuff that is happening over on the PiercingMetal.com side of the fence. I’ve been forced to do this based on the overall amount of content that I am posting over there as opposed to here to be sure that you will see it and not find the updates lost in the shuffle. Truth be told, “The Chronicles” has been my dual-branded editorial soapbox for some time now and that’s fine by me since we not only end up sharing some inside news but we also up the amount of content here. That being said, this post is to let you know that PiercingMetal.com has been using its Tumblr account for “11” years now and that’s pretty cool. Readers of PiercingMetal.com might recall that it was this past April that the website celebrated its fifteenth year of online service (discussed HERE).

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PiercingMetal Hits It’s 15th Anniversary (2005-2020)

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Hey there my friends and diehard readers of “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. I’m here to divert your attention once again because despite the fact of being under self-quarantine, my Heavy Music and Pop Culture website PiercingMetal.com has achieved its 15th year online as of this very day. As usual, I’ve spoken about the milestone and pointed out some of the highlights about running this kind of thing for so many years and you are invited to check out that narrative by clicking HERE. Doing so will transport you over to that website where you can enjoy the update. This time around I didn’t do a special photo for “The Chronicles” to use for the anniversary as I liked the one I did for PM.com so darned much. I just copied my code from there to here. It’s topical for sure under these precarious times.

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As you might already expect, the means to comment on this little signpost has been disabled as I’d prefer any topical notions be left over on PiercingMetal as far as the anniversary is concerned. All of that websites social networks are linked for you down below and I hope that you will consider giving them some attention. The more the merrier I always say and considering what is going on out there right now, I hope this update finds you and your loved ones safe and sound. We might still be in the early stages of this mess but I remain hopeful that we surpass it all sooner than later. See you next time and thanks for your support of both of my creative outlets.

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PiercingMetal’s Tumblr Turned “10” Today

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Hello again my dear friends and faithful followers of our lifestyle website “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. It’s once again time for me to laud some social networking milestones with you and as I’ve done before this news relates to my PiercingMetal.com side of the fence. So you might be aware of the fact that the Metal and Pop Culture site had hit its fourteenth anniversary back in April (discussed HERE) and this little alert is to let you know that the Tumblr microblogging account that we use is now ten years old. I think that this is cool news and I’ll discuss a little more about it down below the image.

So before I continue I think that I should explain why I’d post about a PiercingMetal thing here on “The Chronicles” for those who don’t know how we work already. Some already know that each website that I do is the opposing side of the same creative coin. This year, the PiercingMetal website hit fourteen and then this site surpassed its ninth anniversary and at this point I work each of them together quite a bit and no one seems to mind. While each site has its own audience there is a lot of transfer of interest depending on where the reader is in their lives. I created an account on Tumblr to lock in the creative identity on that medium and since 2009 have been using it to place our content in front of you is you choose to follow us over there. It’s very bare bones but I was also making sure to alert you to some of the coolness that was happening over on “The Chronicles” as well. The interesting thing about still using this profile still is based on the news that came to light just last month. It seems as though the folks over at Automattic have purchased Tumblr from its previous owners at Verizon and if that name rings a bell its because they also own WordPress. I discussed that news HERE in case you’d like to read it and while a month later is too early to determine what the future holds for all of the Tumblr profiles, there is a pretty good chance that it gets to be an even better experience for those who use it and follow us. At last check we had a couple of hundred profiles following us so please know that there is always room for more. For me, the shares to it is an automatic checking of a box and I think there are more than 3.5K posts on the profile so that’s a lot of chances to send readers to our posts. With this big news I should probably share a lot more of both websites and our other social networks over there as well for good measure. If you aren’t following any of these links we ask that you please do so with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I’ve said this before and maintain that when it all comes down to it, it helps with website outreach and that’s fine by me. The link is below if you use the medium and enjoy PiercingMetal. There are hearts visible on each of the posts and we ask that you click them to show you enjoyed the feed. It should help the account in the Tumblrverse as well. Thanks for listening and I will see you again soon.

Update 10/1/2020: Since the time of this announcement, the PiercingMetal Tumblr has been rebranded as the Ken Pierce Media Tumblr and all links now reflect this change. This rebranding makes it all the more comprehensive and entertaining going forward.

Official Website: http://www.tumblr.com
Official PiercingMetal Ken Pierce Media Tumblr: http://www.kenpiercemedia.tumblr.com

PiercingMetal Hits It’s 14th Anniversary (2005-2019)

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Please allow me to take a sidebar to the regular programming but I wanted to let you know that today is the day that my PiercingMetal.com website was officially launched some fourteen years ago. Now I’ve been at this sort of creative enterprise for just over sixteen years in full, but the PiercingMetal outlets birthday is today when we went public with its existence. If you click the photo below you’ll be taken to some thoughts about the process and the anniversary along with some statistical ramblings. 2019 finds “The Chronicles” making some serious strides as well, and if I didn’t start PiercingMetal.com I would have never been compelled to start this one up. If you have enjoyed that site as well, please click through and of course “Thank You So Much”.

As usual with this sort of traffic redirection; the means to add a comment has been disabled on this post and instead I encourage that comments be left on the post on the other site if you are compelled to do so. I’ve also listed all of the PiercingMetal Social Networks for you to peruse if you’d like to see what we are doing with them. This past year we dumped the unused MySpace and the pretty barren Vero True Social and began using both Tumblr and LinkedIn more for content feeds. Google+ ended a few days ago so thank you for your service G+.

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