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Happy Friday The 13th My Fiends

I’ve never viewed the day as one of bad luck or that a Black Cat crossing your path will find you in some sort of distress if it happens. As a matter of fact, this black cat below crosses my path a few dozen times a day. Have an excellent “Friday The 13th” from Spooke and I.


Happy National Black Cat Day 2016


Today is National Black Cat Day for this year and according to the Facebook post that I read cites…

“Did you know that sadly, black or black and white cats take on average 22% longer to find a forever home in rehoming centres. Help us to raise awareness and celebrate National black cat day by posting a photo of your black cat, or simply show your appreciation for these beautiful felines”

Below is my lovely girl Spooke who I have had in my company since her birth some fourteen and a half years ago. She is still rather spry which I am happy to report and is very, very friendly and one of the chattiest cats that I have ever had. She “talks” to me even more than Shadow used to when we had her. I took this only a short time before the post was scribbled together. Spooke is the offspring of my cat Shadow who passed away just about a year ago now and yes I still miss her very much. The memory remains after so many years with her in my company. In case you wondered this is Spooke’s side of the couch for the most part 🙂


My pretty and very good Spooke is going to continue enjoying National Black Cat day by spending it on either my couch or the bed or perhaps even the chair that she likes most. There are days when I have seen her on all three of the apartments offerings. So be it. It’s her day. While I am not sure of anyone’s pet situation or interest, I must stress that a cat is a great NYC apartment pet. Less demanding than a pup and less space. Consider rescuing from a local shelter if you have space in your home and heart for a furbaby that needs you just as much. Think about it.

If you Tweet or Instagram your own Black Cat today use the hashtag of #blackcatday so all can get a chance to see your beloved feline friend.

Happy 14th Birthday To My Spooke Cat (3/24/2016)

I just wanted to take a moment to let all of our readers know that my no longer little cat Spooke has reached her fourteenth year. Today is her birthday and I have had her since birth from her mother Shadow and both can be seen in the photo below. This was taken when Spooke was only about two weeks old and that is her brother KISS to the right. He lives somewhere in Brooklyn I am told and sadly Shadow left us back in November of 2015. We still both miss her very much.


Since this is a great birthday to reach, I wanted to share that early shot and this one which has always been one of my favorites from when she was about a month and a half. I loved that she had blue eyes at first but they would become green as she got older. She was one of four kittens that Shadow had and I kept her for company to the mother cat while putting the siblings up for adoption.


I took this shot yesterday when she was trying to claim the chair from me. She didn’t want to join me, she just wanted it for herself so of course since I didn’t really need to be in the chair I went off to do other things. Who could resist these eyes after all.


Spooke is a very talkative cat and understands me with a handful of phrases which is fun. She is still very playful and seems to be healthy. She has never been anything but pleasant in demeanor and is spoiled as much as she allows herself to be. I didn’t rush to get another cat when Shadow passed on and instead opted to leave Spooke as queen of the house. I love her dearly, she is my girl. Happy Birthday again. Love your pets my friend. Its important stuff.

Saying “Goodbye” To My Shadow Cat (11/1/2015)

It’s with great sadness that I share the news about my beloved cat Shadow who needed to be released from this plane after a brief illness a few days ago. She was just over fourteen years old and was rescued by my Mom some thirteen and a half years ago and had been with me ever since. It’s been a hard few days of tears and accepting that she is not here with me anymore for sure but I wanted to take a few moments and share some of my favorite photos that were taken and remember her with a smile. Below is the first pic that I ever took with her. It was to introduce her to the world via the at the time popular social networks of Friendster and MySpace and to include in email for far away friends.


Shadow was rescued from my Mom’s backyard when I saw a mouse zoom by me in my old apartment. They were working in the streets outside and I guess the critters were running into our basement and up into the rest of the building. The little black cat was very friendly and left in the bathroom for the night in order to get her scent in the place and frighten off any future mouse visit. I noticed she had a slight scratch on her eye and a small cut on a paw so I didn’t wait on getting her to the Vet because she was going to be living with me from then on. I made this decision rather quickly since she was so friendly and loving. I guess she appreciated being brought into a warm apartment in the dead of winter. At the time I was only calling her “Black Cat” or the generic “Cat” since I didn’t decide on a name yet.

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It’s Black Cat Appreciation Day Today (8/17/2015)

Just a quick note to let you know that today is Black Cat Appreciation Day and since I have two such lovely felines in the creative command HQ, I wanted to give them their moment in the sun. I was lucky enough to catch them just before mealtime because they will nap after that and not enjoy being disturbed by that big human who feeds them and cleans the litter box. Pictured from left to right is Spooke and Shadow. Shadow is a rescue that has been with me for thirteen and a half years now and was hanging around my parents old house in Brooklyn now so long ago. She is the smaller one in the photo.


Spooke is actually her offspring and is now thirteen plus years old. Yes, Shadow was a young momma cat when I took her in an she has a great love of people even in her elder years. Now its time to let them enjoy the rest of Black Cat Appreciation Day and have treats and sleep once they are done eating supper. Love your pets if you have them.