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The Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade for 2014

Earlier today my neighborhood of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn held its annual Memorial Day Parade. With so many of our readers hailing from NYC I like to present the parade in photography since its not always possible to be here when it happens. This year’s affair started on 88th Street and Third Avenue and would progress into the higher numbers making its left turn onto Marine Avenue. Once it hit Fourth Avenue it would veer right and end in John Paul Jones Park (an area photographed in this very blog for your enjoyment). This is primarily a photographic presentation with limited input from your humble narrator but if you are from this neck of the woods and now live elsewhere in our nation, I hope this reminds you of the old neighborhood just a little bit.


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Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade (5/27/2013)

Today was the annual Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade, and this 146th edition of the parade has been going on in Bay Ridge for the past 21 years. The motto for this year would be “Lest We Forget” and its important that we never let this be the case to all our brave men and women who fought so hard and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The parade would start on 87th Street and 3rd Avenue (my parents old block actually) and travel up to Marine Avenue heading to Fourth Avenue where it will end at Cannonball Park. It’s actually John Paul Jones Park but everyone calls it that.

The parade began with a little bit of Rolling Thunder. I snagged it on video using the ever trusty Panasonic Lumix. This time around it would be the only video that was captured as I figured I did not need to get the pipe and drum corps this time around like I did on St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ll toss some comments in now and then during the presentation but will mostly be letting you enjoy the parade as it passes by in order to let you feel like you are there watching it along with me. Enjoy.

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