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PiercingKen Goes To Toy Fair 2015

Now I realize that I just mentioned how I would once again be attending the fantastical Toy Fair for 2015 over at the Javits Center and how it was my fifth year doing so as a member of the press. I love this event and love sharing the findings on my PiercingMetal.com site for the fans of comic book super-heroes and science fiction movie properties but with our fifth year doing this show AND the PiercingMetal.com website reaching its 10th Anniversary this coming April, I’ve decided to try something a little different with this years coverage. Let me explain.

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During the Toy Fair events of the past I have tended to focus on the type of stuff that I mentioned up above for that website but there is always so much more to see and to be quite honest, not all of that stuff is proper content for my Heavy Metal and Pop Culture site.  That site sure does love having all the comic book things and action figure stuff but as I examine the aisles I am making numerous other engagements with vendors whose items are far off that mark.  Since I have some photos of these wonderful sights I’ll be assembling a few short chapters right here on the PiercingKen.com site for your enjoyment and education.  If this works out well enough, perhaps I will expand upon the idea with the 2016 coverage if I am attending the convention.  It’s all aimed at raising your awareness of the cool things we are observing in our Metropolis and to bring some hopefully interesting growth to the PiercingKen.com website.  Those posts will fall under the Event Reviews area and shall start being posted in the coming days.  See you then.

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Official Website: http://www.toyfairny.com

PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2013

A few days ago I had the pleasure of attending the 110th Annual Toy Fair or Toy Fair 2013 as many referred to it. This time around I decided to space out my postings as opposed to doing several days of continued blogs that finish in one single week. With many of the items not being readily available it made more sense and if you click the photo below you will be magically transported to the available run of them. This is my third year straight attending as a member of the press and I am all the more excited about going. I’ll be joined by Skeleton Pete once again and he will be dishing out the narratives and views on his own site so be sure to hit his link on the bottom of our website and show him some love. Have fun with the series, I know I had fun putting all of this together.

Click To Read PiercingMetal’s Toy Fair 2013 Posts

Please know that comments have been disabled for this posting as its merely a traffic sign that points you to the larger coverage housed on PiercingMetal.com; Topical comments are welcome on as many posts as you see fit over there. Thanks. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.toyfairny.com/

PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2012

Yep. Toy Fair 2012 begins today my friends and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be attending Toy Fair 2012 as a member of the accredited press once again. Oh alright, I can tell you “I am VERY excited”. This is my second go at this massive industry only event and its a great chance for me to observe and share the findings about the newest and hottest developments in the toy industry with you all. While the narratives for last year’s event reside on the Official Blog for PiercingMetal as opposed to this blog site, I wanted to make this post to let you all know to check over there for the upcoming coolness that I shall be bringing to the table. As expected this humongous trade show will be taking over the Jacob Javits Center for the next four days and I will have my good buddy Skeleton Pete Parrella along for the journey. He’ll be taking photos and notes for his own Skeleton Pete site as well.

Clicking the logo above will bring you to all of our posts about the event and depending on when you follow its lead, there might be more than the first time since the coverage will span numerous days and postings. I’ve disabled the means to comment on this post as its not much more than an introduction piece but do please let your topical thoughts be known on the posts that you will find on PiercingMetal.com; Thanks for listening my friends and please keep your day a positive one.