Stay Away From The Blast Zone: Coney Island Fireworks Stuff

So the other day I was at a Metal Tribute show down at one of the neighborhood bars in Coney Island. While I was over there I just was compelled to visit the Nathan’s hot dog place since that is almost a “must do” kind of thing when in the region. Anyways, on my way back to see my friends who were playing some Black Sabbath down on the street, the fireworks display started to go off on the Boardwalk. Since I wanted to test the ability of recording video with my new Smartphone, I fumbled to get it rolling and share with you blog readers some of this happening.

This is only a portion of the display of course but it will have to do. I shot this with the Droid Incredible device. Pretty cool. I should do more with this as it seems to work out really well. Oh and in case you are wondering, my friends are the band Wicked World and you can hear them in the background playing Black Sabbath’s “N.I.B.”.

That’s all I got for now. Keep rocking.

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