Some Wall Art in Red Hook (7/9/2012)

Street Art, Graffiti, Vandalism….there are many names for some of the artistic visuals that we see in New York City. Personally I like to call it street art when it is something that is done really, really well and not just someone’s “tag” up on a blank wall for the sake of marking territory. The other day I was wandering with the Beehive Blogger for the purpose of photographic findings and liked these few pieces of wall art so much that I am sharing them with my readership. There are so many of you outside of my part of the world that I felt you might enjoy it. There are only a handful of photos, so you can quickly get back to your day. The first one was almost an homage to Jack Nicholson and “The Shining”.

I decided to split up the shot for good measure so you could all enjoy a little more of the detail that it had. Kind of a creepy piece but again, it was focused on “The Shining”.

This one seems to be aimed at a “Jaws” lover and this is exactly how I like my Great White Sharks. In a painting on a wall, or in a video on the Discovery Channel. I always hear how they don’t like the taste of people, but who needs to prove that theory wrong anyway?

This next one was more of an area appreciation mural. Since I already had the camera out and was snapping just across the street, I decided to share this one as well. You don’t mind right? Good, I didn’t think so.

“So how do I see this” you might be asking. Well, get yourself down to Red Hook Brooklyn, and find Dykeman and Denavan Street for the Jack Nicholson “Shining” display, and around its corner near Commerce Street for the “Jaws” and “Neighborhood” ones. Ciao for now.

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