Some Stewart Air Force Base Stuffs

Given the random nature of this blogs very existence and its premise of being a place to share whatever photos or thoughts that I see fit, I decided to present this small handful of images from a not too long ago visit upstate.  It was the summer of 2009 and I was visiting friends who live up in a part of New York called Newburgh, and they are not too far from the Stewart Air Force Base which is located in New Windsor.

stewart air force base, On that afternoon while driving around with them doing errands and seeing what was about, the base caught my roving eye so out came the camera.  I snapped all of these while in the moving car, but since I loved the “massive” look of these planes I did what I could under the circumstances.

stewart air force base

I had to do it like this since there didn’t appear to be any real spot to stop and be a tourist for me.  These photos don’t really give you an idea about how huge these transport planes actually are.  I just wish I could have somehow taken these images from a little bit better vantage point but alas this was not to be the case for me.  Sorry readers.

stewart air force base

There were plenty of them that’s for sure.  As I looked at them the theme from the “G.I. Joe” cartoon played on a continual loop while images of Cobra Commander and his minions became my mental visual.

stewart air force base

These are actually the C5 Transport planes if you were wondering and they are listed as being the largest of the planes in the military in the world.  With that being the case I am glad that we have them.  Of course I don’t really like the idea of them carrying our men into battle but this is not a political blog.

stewart air force base

I probably could have walked across the little road there and got up against the fence for better photos but I didn’t want to be thought of as an insurgent who was doing any spying of any kind so I stayed a safe distance away.  Thank you zoom lens power.  Perhaps there are tours to this place and if so I will make the adventure for a future blog post.

Learn more about the base HERE

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