Shadow’s “Lucky 13th” Birthday (9-24-2014)

Back in early 2002 I rescued a sweet black cat from the streets that had been hanging around my parents backyard. I had planned to keep her only a few days and put her up for adoption but she was so friendly and sweet, I decided to keep her. A quick visit to the veterinarian found her not only “about” six months old but also pregnant with kittens. I factored my date of rescue and the six months which means that around this time would be her birthday and that makes this black cat thirteen years old. A very lucky 13 for sure.


I named her “Shadow” and she is still here with me twelve and a half years later and of course a very big part of my personal world. I let her enjoy her “birthday” with as much sleep as she wanted along with extra food and treats for being good. She seems to be enjoying this process. I don’t put as much cat stuff on the personal site but I will try to do more of that since this is the everything else in my day kind of site. That being said, “Happy Birthday Shadow Girl”.

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