Seasons Of Winter (being shared in the Summer)

I know that it’s the middle of Summer, but so what. It’s hot outside and there are days when it is next to impossible to get cool or comfortable. Let’s face it, in the big city, there are only so many clothes one can take off in public without getting arrested 🙂 Anyways, while going through photo folders recently I came across these images that were just perfect to be shared during the hot summer months. They were taken a few years ago when I spent the weekend with friends who have a house in the Poconos. It was cold that weekend but not bone numbing in terms of wind or chill so we did a little wandering together to see the surrounding area.

My friends are not far from Glacier Lake and as you can see by the images here, the entire thing had frozen over from the winter cold.  I had the Olympus camera with me on this weekend and loved the scenes that it had delivered to me in these couple of shots.  Perhaps one day I will only do scenic and touristy photos instead of wild musical acts.  This next shot especially was one of my favorites.

We wandered down outside of the forest where there was a clearing and a small pier for boats.  It was wonderful to see such a visual of this lake all frozen.  According to my friend the people walk on and skate this thing and while he told me I could stand on it, I didn’t consider myself to be at the optimum weight for such an experiment.  Tease me all you like.  I was not interested in sinking like a stone.

Glacier Lake, Poconos, PA

Here’s another angle of the same lake.  Really some beautiful stuff and the air was crisp and almost energizing.  Perhaps there is something to getting away from the city from time to time.

Glacier Lake, Poconos, PA

And yet another angle.  Like I said, this was a huge lake.  Perhaps I can come back in the summer months and capture it with tons of activity for the readers of the blog.

Glacier Lake, Poconos, PA

The building you see here is the Pocono Farms Country Club and while we did not venture into it on this excursion I had gone inside once before when these friends invited a different grouping of folks up to the house for a weekend.  All we sampled was the beer 🙂  I know, creatures of habit those rockers.  Heh.

Pocono Farms Country Club

I now return you to your already in progress summer heat.  Hopefully this made you look a little more forward to the eventual colder months.  Just don’t get crazy if the snow piles up as much as it did during the winter of 2010-2011.

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