Saying “Goodbye” To My Cat Spooke (1/20/2020)

spooke the cat, spooke pierce

It’s with an overwhelming and crushing sadness that I announce that my beloved black cat Spooke has left the realm for the Rainbow Bridge. She was just shy of her 18th birthday and was an amazing companion to me for sure. I’ve owned since her birth back in my old apartment and to say that I’ll miss her terribly is an understatement. Spooke was a very friendly and what amounted to a “talkative” cat. She loved attention and being a part of the conversation if it suited her. These photos are from the night before and the day of her last vet visit.

spooke the cat, spooke pierce

Spooke was the offspring of my rescue cat Shadow who I lost back in 2015 when she was just past around fourteen years old. Shadow was a very good and loving cat and is remembered HERE for those who are new to our writings about life and entertainment. While I am pretty much inconsolable at the moment based on the emptiness her loss has left me, I feel that in time an appreciation will come because at 17.75 years of a cat amounts to something in the mid-80’s if you were to work out her human years equivalent.

spooke the cat, spooke pierce

Spooke was pretty spry and active up until about a month ago when some weight loss and less activity became the case. She wasn’t as talkative and seemed to prefer being alone and as the animal studies say when the behavior and practices dramatically change its never a good sign. While I hated to make that decision it was indeed her time according to the vet and I made sure to stay with her until the very last second of her life when she closed her eyes that final time. Goodnight my Spooke, you were an amazing part of my world that was loved deeply. I will miss you beyond words that can be formed right now. Closing up, I wanted to put more historical photos up in this post but I don’t have the emotional strength for it and just want to tune out for a bit. Maybe around what would have been her birthday I will but I cannot think about that right now. Thanks to all who have called, texted or left a notice on my personal and site pages on Facebook. It’s all been comforting. Rest easy my sweet girl.

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