ReedPOP Cancels 2020 New York Comic Con Physical Event

Hello again my fine friends and devoted readers of “The Chronicles”, I’ve returned all too soon with another reason to redirect you to some news that is currently running over on my PiercingMetal website. While this latest announcement was expected based on the current climate, I am sad to share the news that ReedPOP has decided to cancel this years New York Comic Con because of the virus. You can peruse the whole announcement by clicking HERE to see what other plans await this events fanbase.

new york comic con logo bw

Editor’s Note: As with any of my redirection posts the means to comment on this notice is disabled but if you’d like to add your two cents to the mix you can do that over on where all topical notions are moved to the head of the line. This is one of the event cancellations that hits me the hardest because we are pure bred geek culture and have been hitting this religiously since 2010. For your entertainment, I shared the first chapter of my photo gallery video down below. I just learned how to do this a few months ago and loaded it onto the PiericngMetal YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you like what we do over there as more is coming for sure. See you again soon with whatever we find interesting enough to share with you. See you then, stay healthy out there.

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Official Website:

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