Playing “Master Chef” On Easter Sunday 2014

I periodically like to share my cooking adventures and experiments here on the Piercing Ken blog and since this Easter was going to find me all by myself with no real plans to visit anyone, I would be left to my own devices in the kitchen. Oh don’t feel bad about that disclosure because I had two back to back killer Metal concerts to cover for on Friday and Saturday so I was looking forward to the quiet time and seeing what I could find in the apartment to cook up. When I realize that I had one of those frozen turkey loafs in my freezer, it was time to use it.


This was the perfect day for this as well since I really enjoy these particular things and one of my goals this year was to go through everything that was in the freezer while slowly restocking other things. The directions of course are straight forward and suggested a preheating of the over to 350 degrees and then to place the entire thing (sans box of course) into the oven on a sheet. Done.


I felt that the fresh potatoes that I recently bought would be nice with this so I would bake them in the microwave oven. I do so like how a baked potato comes out in mine. If you’ve seen my potato creations in the past you will likely be nodding about this comment.


Sadly I only had three mushrooms left in the house and I have to laugh as I write this down since I hated the damn things at one point in my life. Now I love them and use them in numerous dishes that I work out in my head and then on the stove top canvas.


Chopped up and heated for about a minute in the microwave while our turkey loaf cooks away. At this point I had a little under thirty minutes left for that to cook.


I would find my inner Popeye and adds me spinach to the fare for today. This was canned as opposed to frozen. I can go either way with these kinds of things.


My next few shots would be my cloves of garlic being all chopped up and blended in with a copious amount of butter and some oregano. This would be the topping for the baked potatoes eventually. I love butter and I love garlic so why not make a nice blend of the two and dash it up.




Hey the turkey loaf is done. Let’s get it out of the oven and open it carefully. Man this is hot and yes I did have oven mitts on for that part of the process. Cannot be burning my camera trigger fingers after all.


Please pay no mind to the incorrect reading on the meat thermometer. I realized that I neglected to photograph it when I checked the temperature and when I moved it, I think that I broke it. Oh well. It was rather old and it served well during its time in my kitchen and actually my Mom’s since I believe this was originally hers until she got a better one.


Here is the end and final result. A few slices of the turkey loaf, the potatoes get their garlic butter and the mushrooms get worked into the spinach and have a stream of sriracha hot sauce added to it. The gravy came with the turkey loaf so that is there too. All in all this worked out well and I cleaned the plate but I will spare you that photo if you don’t mind.


The whole process was monitored by two items that were in each of my Grandmother’s kitchen. I like to think that they were helping me along with the creations today 🙂


So there you have it. If you can read and you can count you can very likely cook at least some minimal things. It’s not as hard as some might say so give it a shot and see how you do. You might surprise yourself. See you next time

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