PiercingMetal Went To Wintercon 2017 @ Resorts World Casino

Hello my friends, I am here to share the news with you that it was just about a week ago that I attended the 2017 edition of “WinterCon”, which is a wonderful comics and Science Fiction convention that is held at the Resorts World Casino in Queens. This marked my second year of attendance and I did this as a member of the Geek Press for some posts that reside on my PiercingMetal outlet. Folks that find these types of adventures interesting should click on the logo graphic below as that will open a brand new tab for you to peruse. Please come on over, we’d love to have you.

As is usual on an alert like this or “traffic sign” as I’ve come to refer to them, the means to comment on the post has been disabled. I feel that its better for you to comment over on the other website on the chapter that most compels you to do so. You might also want to lend some of your love to our Official Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for that website since I was very busy on them during the convention. This event is my last convention for the year but don’t worry, I’ve lined up some that are specifically being covered right here on “The Chronicles” once the bell turns us over to 2018. Stay tuned and be sure to get the rest of your holiday shopping done. You don’t have too many days left.

Official Website: http://nywintercon.com/