PiercingMetal Went To Liberty City Anime Con 2016

Hello there my fine feathered friends of “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”; I’m using the website this afternoon to once again direct you to some content that resides on my main music and media realm of PiercingMetal.com instead of over here – I’ve tended to keep the comic book related conventions there since they used to be on the “PiercingMetal Musings Blog” which many of you might know as being integrated content on the PM.com domain at this point. This convention was fun and my first ever of this kind as a member of the press. Please click HERE to be transported over to my coverage of the Liberty City Anime Con.

liberty city anime con logo

As I’ve done in the past, this little redirect does NOT offer you the means to leave any comments since you can do that where it makes the most sense on the assorted chapters that I’ve posted. You can however pay a visit to our Official Instagram and see some of the slightly different visuals which were snagged for that profile exclusively. You can find, follow and bring that great love to life by clicking HERE. Of course we also hope that you are following PiercingMetal on both Facebook and Twitter as well. Thank you for your attention, now back to the regular stuff from “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”.

Official Websites:
Liberty City Anime Con: http://libertycityanimecon.com/