PiercingMetal Went To Five Points Festival!

Hey there members of the loyal readership of “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”; I’m taking a moment here on the blog to share the news that I recently attended a brand-new convention called the “Five Points Festival” which was held on the Lower East Side at the Pier 36 event space. I was on point as a member of the press for the PiercingMetal.com website and you can be magically transported to our coverage by clicking the graphic just below.

Piercing Ken Thoughts: I really enjoyed this convention because it was a lot different from the ones that I had been to in the past. There were a ton of boutique designer creators as opposed to every other booth selling Funko Pops (which we still love by the way) along with writers and artists that you don’t always find at NY Comic Con. There wasn’t a lot of cosplay, if any at all during my visit on Saturday which made this a whole new experience for me by comparison. I hope you enjoy that coverage and as always with these signposts, the ability to comment has been turned “OFF” so any thoughts can be left on the appropriate narrative on the PiercingMetal website. Check it out and I will see you soon with more of our regularly scheduled content.

Official Website: http://www.fivepointsfestival.com