PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2014

Hey there readers. I just wanted to let you know that the adventures that I undertook at the 2014 NY Comic Con have begun being posted over on my PiercingMetal.com site. Since there are readers of the Piercing Ken blog that might enjoy that kind of stuff I like using this space as the occasional traffic sign. Just click the logo below to be transported to the other website and by all means enjoy. I think that there will end up being about ten individual chapters when it all comes down to it. It all depends on how many photos I take each day and how they are spaced out across chapters.

Logo - NY Comic Con - 2014

I’ve disabled the means to comment on this announcement post but encourage those with interest in adding thoughts to please do so on the posts that reside on PiercingMetal.com – Thanks a lot. See you next time.

Official Website: http://nycomiccon.com