PiercingMetal Goes To Flame Con 2018 @ Sheraton Times Square

Last weekend, my PiercingMetal website was once again among the members of the media wandering the Flame Con which is the LGBTQ Comic Convention that was launched by the fine folks over at Geeks Out. It was my second time exploring this interesting convention and my coverage can be found by clicking HERE. That will open up a brand new window on the PiercingMetal website.

By The Way: As this is mostly a traffic sign that directs you to a road straight to the PiercingMetal.com content, the means to comment on this post have been disabled. Instead I encourage you to chime in with your thoughts directly on the related posts. That being said I was happy to see the folks that I had met at last year’s Flame Con and hope that my images and words help them all out. Before I go, please remember that PiercingMetal can be found on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and we’d love for you to keep in the loop with that side of my creative fence. Until next time.

Official Websites:
Geeks Out: https://www.geeksout.org/
Flame Con: https://www.flamecon.org/