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PiercingKen Now Has An Official Google+ Page

Last month I mentioned that I had created an Official Facebook Page for and now it’s time to let you know that there is a new and hopefully exciting Google+ Page as well for that side of the social networking fence. You already know that we have been using Twitter for the blog since its launch day and if you don’t, well, please allow me to add to the mix that we have a Twitter account connected to this blog’s activity as well. Nowadays it appears that one needs a strong presence on the vital Social Networks to keep the visibility going and since I’ve found some success with them over on the site I figured let me tend to the house in similar fashion.

Click This Image for our Google+ Page

Now about our Google+. This is apparently the up and coming hotness but many writers, photographers and fans of the Social Nets are not yet sold on it. I don’t blame them because its moving too slowly in a time when things are getting to be almost instantaneous. I do like having an additional location for the blog sites postings but nothing is automatic for me at the point of this narrative. If I want a post to be on our Google+ Page I need to paste it in there for you. There are worse things that can happen.

Similar to the Facebook Page and even Twitter, you can share the content that you enjoy the most. This is their version of retweeting I guess and its able to be shared with one or all of your Circles. Fans of the blog are encouraged to “Follow” it as opposed to adding me onto their Circles of friends. Without trying to offend anyone please know that I love all my readers but let’s face it, a little privacy goes a long way. Real time friends and business associates all know how to reach me and I do interact with those who are following the site as well so there is nothing missing. Also in similar fashion to the Facebook page is that comments can be left on those shared posts. I maintain the same view on this practice that while I don’t mind you doing it, I really prefer to help the context of the blogs by leaving your views on the actual posts. It beefs up the views and of course the same topical, clear thinking rationale is what we love most. Angry belligerence and soap boxing with no apparent point has yet to be given the thumbs up and I don’t see that happening any time soon (sorry).

Now back to the sorting of images and ideas. My hope is to keep delivering some really cool stuff in 2012 and even getting some older things that just merited sharing with you in this little space. Thanks for listening.

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