PiercingKen Is Yelping In The Crowd!!!

Since I have been having a lot of discussions about my enjoyment of food in Foodspotting.com lately and lining out how I felt that it helps a larger demographic find meals that they are looking around for, I decided to share with my readers the knowledge that I am also one of those “Yelpers” that you hear about every now and again. There is a chance that you already knew this from reading my series of Social Networking narratives that I keep over on PiercingMetal Musings, but if you don’t I promise not to hold it against you. One of these topics was about Yelp!

To recap what Yelp! is all about, its a website and a kind of Social Networking area that lets you as a consumer line out the benefits or detriments about a restaurant, bar, or shop. Yes thanks to Yelp! you as the common man or woman have the larger voice and can share it with the world. Be aware that there are a ton of people listening but this does come with some rules. For instance, just being able to do this does not mean you should be super critical about every little detail. I recommend that the new user to Yelp! focus on the winning points of establishments that they like to help send their friends and fans of that kind of spot to it. Bring the positives out and reward the great places. If they rule, then shout it out on the rooftops. I’ve seen people try to destroy places for the slightest infraction and that is just stupid. If a clerk made you wait for five minutes don’t crap on a place. If you were sitting at a bar for thirty minutes without receiving a drink inquiry, then I might say you have a reason to complain. Much like I try to do with my music review reporting, I stress the positive and relate any negativity about something I have with a balanced reason on why this is an issue. You will see that a couple of my Yelp! reviews have updates to them and these were done to raise a brow of concern about something that I no longer felt was right about the experience and that more people needed to know about.

Now I’m not suggesting that you NEVER leave a negative Yelp! Review but just make sure its warranted. If you went to a restaurant and got sick because the food was ghastly or the staff were the nastiest people in the world then of course you should mention this because others need to know and a place like this does NOT deserve one’s business. Perhaps posting this kind of information forces an establishment to work on some of its issues. If a restaurant is immaculate and the food outstanding, don’t rail on the joint because your water was not iceberg cold. In my humble opinion, the best way to start is to Yelp! about the places and spots that you love and cannot live without. Let your Yelp Review help them prosper and remain in business going forward.

Click the logo above to find my Yelps and by all means if you like what you read you can Follow Me as a Reviewer. That lets you see any new things that I am up to over there and be made aware when I have new reviews. I have not used it as much as I would have liked to, but I am having fun and hope to illuminate these winning establishments while also leaving the terrible ones in the dark a little more often. Feel free to tell me of some of your experiences that you have Yelped about in our comments section. I’m always interested in your views as well. If you need to send a comment or a compliment to me in Yelp there is a means to do that as well.

8/15/2012 SUPER COOL IMPORTANT NEWS: Did that get your attention? Awesome. Yeah so I realize that I just only shared the fact about my Yelping with you all even though I have been doing it for some time. Better late than never right? Well, today I was given the honor of joining the ranks of their Elite Members (sound the blaring trumpets). They said that this was based on my positive and objective postings and interactions with those others in the Yelp community. I’m super flattered and promise to keep the level of quality that impressed them going forward. I really hope you will join me over there.

Official Website:  http://www.yelp.com

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