Piercing Ken’s “Best Of” 2018: Top Nine On Instagram

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Well how about that my friends, it appears as though we’ve once again arrived at the time where the Instagram “Top Nine” images are tabulated and that means you get to enjoy them as well. Over the course of 2018, I really was enjoying the use of Instagram as a social networking tool and I’m fairly certain that I used it a lot more than any of the other socials combined. The rundown will come after the image below so please take a gander. I figured that I’d offer up some background on them all.

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About These Visuals: Starting from the top left hand corner we’ve got my favorite girl Spooke the Black Cat and she actually made the Top Nice twice this year. The first one is from a vet visit for a quick check up and the other was just her chilling out on my office chair that she likes. There are two photos of me with the first one being from the Style Fashion Week step and repeat area while the other when I was dressed all Southern casual while visiting my family down South. The second row also features two images from the NY Empire State Tattoo Expo which I was honored to wander as a member of the lifestyle media. The extremely lovely ladies pictured from each in a left to right fashion are Ryan Ashley, Nikki Simpson (from an Inked tattoo reality program) and burlesque goddesses LuLu D’Vil, Bon Bon Cherry and Frankie Fictitious. Whew, such talent. The last row are two visuals from BroadwayCon which I attended for the very first time and loved it. Last but not least is a steaming plate of Polish food that my mother made when I was visiting down South. It was so danged good that I had seconds and you know what else was good? Our year in Instagram because I had a blast uploading and sharing all of these and so many more adventures with those who happen by. According to their tally, the account recieved 11.3K likes for the sum total of our 2,860 posted images. I believe we’ve grown by about 60 followers over the year to 681. Let’s see how much closer I can get to 1K on this account over the course of the soon to arrive 2019 year.

Now much like the “Official PiercingMetal Gram”, this account has been reverted to a personal one so that prevents us from getting deeper standings about its visitors. That being said, this side of the media fence is followed by more women than the men but we are still most popular in our home city of New York with lots of Brooklyn repping. Since this is a Lifestyle Websites account, I want people from everywhere to see what my city offers them so they can plan their visits. It’s my hope that I encourage some visiting or the attendance of the conventions that I go to on this side of the fence. Numerically speaking, it appears as though I uploaded more than 2K images this year as I am closing in on 2.9K and I think when we did the 2017 Top Nine there were under 800 pics. If I am wrong I apologize but it does get hard to keep pace with. It makes sense since I attended no less than eight lifestyle conventions this year with the Boat Show, Summer Fancy Food Show, Auto Show and some speciality Toy Insider and TTPM Events which get covered on this website. As I close this narrative up and get ready to approach the next one, I wanted to thank you if you are one of the 11.3K likers of the images presented. If you’re not, that’s fine by me, you just have to get cracking on your support but do make sure to “Follow” the profile as well because thee days the Social Networks are a numbers game and we wanna go up, up, up. Remember, if you see stuff you appreciate, you need to like it to help the engagement of the account. Just looking at it and doing nothing is like passing the window of a store that you won’t ever go into. When we see the followers rising and read the comments and likes we know that you are out there and paying attention. Following and participating in our Social Networks of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter help the larger website thrive and help us keep our community of like-minded people growing. See you next time and don’t forget to find out what your own Top Nine for 2018 might be by clicking HERE.

Lest I Forget: Since there are always new visitors to the website, some might not be up to snuff on this sort of thing so; If you wanted to see the coolness that made our “Top Nine” for 2017 just click HERE for that visual and its overview.

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