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Paramount Pictures: “Wonder Park” Official Trailer

It was a little over four months ago when I last discussed the movie “Wonder Park” with you all when I shared the Official Teaser Trailer that was seen HERE. The teasers don’t do much but now we have a full on Official Trailer to enjoy which you can see below. I’d still click on the link for the teaser because I loaded up a different promotional poster to that post that I am using here so let’s get on down to business.

The Premise: A young creative girl named June, finds an incredible amusement park filled with fantastical rides and funny, talking animals called Wonder Land that was abandoned in the woods but soon realizes that the park came from her imagination and she is the only one who can save the magical place and revive the wonder with the help of the animals.

Voice Cast:
Brianna Denski as June
Sofia Mali as Young June
Ken Hudson Campbell as Boomer
Jennifer Garner as Mom
Matthew Broderick as Dad
Kenan Thompson as Gus
Ken Jeong as Cooper
Mila Kunis as Greta, a warthog
John Oliver as Steve, a porcupine
Oev Michael Urbas as Banky
Norbert Leo Butz as Peanut, a monkey
Kevin Chamberlin as Uncle Tony
Kate McGregor-Stewart as Aunt Albertine
David Cross
Richard Kind

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: We still have a considerable amount of time to go before this film is released so I will keep my additional thoughts to a minimum. This does look like fun and might spark not only the imagination of the younger set in your family circle but also inspire a cool line of toys. This one is set to open in the Spring of 2019 which is post Toy Fair and that makes me think it will be one of the properties that I see as I wander the aisles should I attend the 2019 show. I did the Toy Insider and TTPM Events since that first post and don’t recall seeing much from this film but back then it would have been too early for such stuff. Anyway, I’ve much more to do on the admin side of the fence so let me close up and ask you what you thought about the trailer. I’d love to hear your thoughts down in the comments below.

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