Tom Otterness’ “Life Underground”: A Public Art Display

“Life Underground” is the title of a public art project that was commissioned by the city of New York and done by sculptor Tom Otterness.  Made of bronze, the humorous figures depict scenes of what goes on down here and gives some insight as to what might go on when there are only a handful of people around.  Recently I took a ride over to the 14th Street and Eighth Avenue station via the “L” train and wandered around the platform and just above it to see how many images I could snare of these citizens of the subway system.

tom otterness, life underground sculptures

The first one I caught site of was this snake and since this is one of the “supposed” things we would find down here I am just glad that he wasn’t real.  We’ve all seen rats scurrying about on the tracks but luckily no snakes.  I guess if there were any of those around there would be less rats eh?  Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Nevermind, let’s continue.

tom otterness, life underground sculptures
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The USS Intrepid “Sails” To The Repair Dock (12/2006)

Don’t mind my rewind 🙂 but these are the kinds of photos that made me kick off this thing in the first place.  Set the Delorean for the winter of 2006 Mr. McFly….the Professor needs to go back in time.

uss intrepid, intrepid sea air and space museum, aircraft carriers, the fighting i

Back in the latter part of 2006 I was working a job doing some technical stuff and that position found me based in Jersey City and initially I was not crazy about the location, because it was an additional train and hence and added fare to get there.

uss intrepid, intrepid sea air and space museum, aircraft carriers, the fighting i

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“The Gates” Project for Central Park NYC (2/2005)

In February of 2005 for the span of a few weeks, a large art project was presented to the people of New York City and all of her visitors.  The artists behind the project were Christo and Jeanne-Claude and their masterpiece was entitled “The Gates”.

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Welcome To Summer 2010

So now the time to relax is here if such a thing is at all possible for a citizen of NYC.  Use the time to enjoy the sights and things around you with those most important to your day and life.  The spanning shot below was taken quite some time ago and if I remember was done when some out of town friends wanted to see the park.  It was new to them.

Serenity Now

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“The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” Is Now In WordPress

It was only just over two weeks ago that I announced the debut of a brand-new blog that I would be launching called “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken”. If you didn’t see that post, just click HERE to be more up to speed with the news. This new blog was being delivered to the interested using Google’s Blogger software.

Today I am here to share the news that a proper dotcom domain name has been secured with “” and WordPress is now installed under this domain so no more using Blogger for the posts. I spent most of yesterday integrating the few weeks of old posts into the new WordPress software and from here on everything that you will be reading will be in WordPress. For the interim I have a “We Have Moved” sign posted as the final post on the Blogger account but in time that entire presence might be deleted to avoid any confusion. The writer in me wants all the traffic to come to the correct location and stay here and I’ve gotten pretty adept at WordPress since I’ve been using it on the PiercingMetal Blog as well for a couple of years. The blog has a few dozen subscribers so I want them to find the new place easy enough. I’ve placed a link to my Twitter below so you can follow along with whatever I am getting up to over here and in time perhaps I will employ the other social networks that are available to keep people in the loop. You might laugh at the notion that I have not used that Twitter since some time in late 2009 so it will be nice to finally have a reason to tweet. Okay that is all I have to share with you. Let’s make this something fun together.


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