Incendiary Doings @ NYC Hot Sauce Expo 2018

It seems like only yesterday that we were heading over to Williamsburg for the 1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo which was a brand-new event started by our friends over at High River Sauces. That was six years ago and while the first couple of events were discussed on my website, I’ve been keeping them here as a part of the Lifestyle vibe that you get with “The Chronicles” for the last few years.

nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo 2018

With this being the sixth such expo for me, I will admit that its gotten a little tricky in how to deliver the fun to your device of choice so I am just going to walk around and see what I see and snap what I snap.  The links at the bottom will take you to a number of vendors and their wares.  Let’s go.

nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo 2018

nyc hot sauce expo, nyc hot sauce expo 2018
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Spotify Transports NYC Commuters to Mars with Immersive David Bowie Subway Takeover

I don’t generally repeat the same post that I would load onto but with this special circumstance I will do just that. Check it out.

The Press Release:
Although he hailed from London, music icon David Bowie spent the majority of his life living in, and falling for, New York City. After moving across the pond, he was welcomed to the City with open arms, and soon came to call himself a New Yorker. In the way that Bowie discovered his adopted city, Spotify is giving music lovers the opportunity to go on a journey through the immersive David Bowie Subway Takeover exploring the musician’s influence on music, fashion, culture, and the city that he loved.

David Bowie is, organized by the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, has been up since March at the Brooklyn Museum and honors Bowie’s life, art, and work. In a larger-than-life extension of the exhibition, Spotify is transforming New York City’s Broadway-Lafayette subway station into an underground takeover that pays tribute to the legendary works and sensational life of the musical icon. Fans and visitors can be awed while exploring the Broadway-Lafayette station from Tuesday, April 17 until Sunday, May 13.
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Cue: BroadwayCon Will Return To Midtown In 2019

Earlier in the year, I attended my first-ever BroadwayCon which was held at the Javits Center. The other day we learned of some news about the 2019 convention on their blog so we’ve shared this press release with you below should this happening be of interest to you.

The Press Release:
We can finally tell you what we have in store for 2019! The first three years of BroadwayCon have featured incredible performances, new friendships, and lots of fun. And now we’re moving the fun back into the theatre district.

BroadwayCon is at its best when it’s in the center of it all, so we are bringing it back inland and are thrilled to announce that BroadwayCon 2019 will return to where we started: the Hilton Midtown, with the addition of the beautiful, historic Ziegfeld Ballroom next door. Mark your calendars! BroadwayCon 2019 will take place January 11–13.

It’s been a great two years at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center but we could not be more excited to bring BroadwayCon back to the heart of the city that is integral to the Broadway community we know and love. Snag tickets to a show during the weekend? Now you’ll be able to squeeze in one last panel or singalong before the curtain rises. Tired of the same food court offerings? We are too! At the Hilton Midtown, you’ll be just minutes away from a huge variety of restaurants serving nearly every cuisine, and they deliver!
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PiercingMetal Hits It’s “Lucky” 13th Anniversary (2005-2018)

Today is the day that my website was official launched. I’ve been at this for a little over fifteen years in full, but the PiercingMetal outlets birthday is today when we went public with its existence. Click the photo below for some musings on the process and the changes from over the years. The image will bring you to that post for you to peruse. If you are a Chronicles Of Piercing Ken reader who is also enjoying the site that started it all for me, I say “Thank You So Much”. Click on…..

As usual with this sort of traffic redirection; the means to add a comment has been disabled on this post and instead I encourage that comments be left on the post on the other site if you are compelled to do so. I’ve also listed all of the PiercingMetal Social Networks for you to peruse if you’d like to see what we are doing with them.

Official Facebook
Official Instagram
Official Twitter
Official YouTube Channel
Official Google+

“Good Friday” Eats @ Pho Hoai Bay Ridge

We are smack dab in the middle of the Easter weekend and with this being a holiday that I celebrate as a card-carrying Catholic, I do my best to fast on Good Friday and have one meal only. It’s also stressed that no meat be involved so keeping it to fish is what I always try to do on this particular day. After my morning coffee, I did my best to distract myself from any noshing or bites of this and that by working on photos and such. When it came to finally getting something to eat, I had decided upon the nearby Pho Hoai Vietnamese restaurant in my Bay Ridge neighborhood and since I LOVE showcasing food here on The Chronicles, wanted to share my selections with you all.

Let’s start off with the appetizers of crispy calamari. They make a nice batch of the stuff but its not like the crispy squid in garlic sauce that I love to death from Nha Trang in Manhattan. They do serve it with a tasty gelatinous sort of dip but its not the same IMHO.

pho hai, vietnamese cuisine
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