A Visit To Federal Hall National Memorial in NYC (6/8/2011)

So I realize that I sat on these images since taking them a few months ago and for that I apologize because one of my core aims with this blog is to spark your interest in what I see and find myself involved in. My hope is that the images and thoughts spark your desire to go to see this stuff for yourself. I had taken these shots when I was walking around with my musician friend The Muff from the Finnish band Naked. We were doing a city wander and needed to be near this historical site for a meeting he was doing. I couldn’t recall the last time I had ventured inside the Federal Hall National Memorial and that made me walk inside to take some photos for my own use and your enjoyment.

federal hall national memorial

This site is most famous for being the place where George Washington was inaugurated into the office of President of the United States. Since he was our very first President this was a very, very big deal. They also introduced the Bill Of Rights to Congress on this location. I’ll keep the discussion light because there is a Wiki link at the close that you can learn all the more from. Here we go.

federal hall national memorial
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Goodnight “Friday” (8/22/2011)

Goodbye “Friday”.

Today was a bummer of a day as my folks had to put down one of the family cats. Her name was Friday because we because we rescued her on that day of the week almost 18 years ago in the dead of winter. She literally ran up to us while on the way home from a dinner out together and Mom insisted on bringing her home since she seemed to be personable and hungry. I felt that she was a lucky cat for chancing upon us that night since it dropped incredibly in temperature and even snowed a bit not long after we were home.

When we got her home and safe from the coming snowstorm and filled her ravenous appetite we made some calls and within days had put up some signs asking if this obviously used to a house cat had escaped someones home. We quickly learned from someone that another neighbor near us had thrown her out of the house at least two times in the recent past and from there we decided she would remain in our household. Can you imagine that kind of person? What an ass clown.

These two photos were taken very late in her life but its nice to have them just the same. For many a year she was a fantastic and interesting pet to have around. She always made me smile and was for all intents and purposes “my cat” for the time that I was living at home. She was a friendly and loving feline and I will miss her greatly. Bye Fri. You sleep now.

The Cirque (us) is in Town NYC for “Zarkana”

I was on the way to a Progressive Rock show over at B.B. King Blues Club the other day and as I wandered up 42nd Street I saw these two very animated characters heading in my direction.  They were doling out the flyers for the upcoming Cirque du Soleil “Zarkana” show.  I had to say I loved the looks that they were getting from the others passing by so I had to stop them for a second and take a quick photograph.  Ahhh the things we see on a daily basis in NYC.  I don’t know too much about the play and I didn’t have time to ask them (they seemed to only speak French anyway and my 9th grade language requirement teachings have long since dissipated from my memory.  You can check the link below, I am sure its a fun time.

Cirque du Soleil "Zarkana" Street Team

Show Information: HERE

Look Up As You Pass By: The Pythian or “The Pharoah Watches Over Thee”

Let me ask the New Yorkers who might be reading this blog a question. When you walk through these city streets do you ever look up at what you are passing? You probably don’t because we often take this amazing city of ours for granted and are in such a hurry to get someplace that it never really crosses our mind to do different.  Recently I had gone into the city with Skeleton Pete as he was covering a Summerstage Concert for his blog but we were determined to maximize our time in the city and see the new “Captain America: The First Avenger” movie and enjoy some lunch before hitting the gig. Having accomplished those tasks we started to make our way over to the concert when I glanced up at a building and swore that there was a giant Egyptian Pharaoh sitting up there watching over the city. We were about a block away and figured perhaps that it was the consulate for that country and decided to take a little bit of a closer look. I shot from the vantage point on the corner of Broadway and 72nd Street. The building was a 1/4 of the way down the block and this image was WAY up on the high floors in these shots I am posting.

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Hello Dolly, I Mean “Priscilla” :)

While walking around the Times Square region just after enjoying a film screening for the movie “Brighton Rock” I happened upon this lovely young lady all dressed in glitz and glitter.  She was advertising something and seemed very happy about it.  The tourist in me said “snap a photo Ken” and so I did and the charming lass kindly obliged.  She was apparently doling out flyers for the Broadway musical “Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert” which was originally a film starring Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp as three drag queens misadventures.  I never saw the film but did see some performances from the new musical on some of the television shows recently and think it might be fun to check out with the open minded guest.  Check it out and by all means let us know how it is.

I never did get this girls name but that didn’t matter since her positive enthusiasm and zeal were enough to brighten the day and the other journey’s on my plate.  There were more coming up in all honesty because NYC is just that kind of place with something interesting on every corner.  Thanks Miss.  I wish you well.

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