PiercingMetal Pregaming Guide: Acme Bar & Grill

While this place has been around for many years before my finally getting through its doors, I owe a debt of thanks to our own Skeleton Pete who first suggested it on the night that we were both catching the band Blackfield down at the Bowery Ballroom. It was a very weird night without question and while winter was upon us, a sudden snow had started to fall and not only was it a continuous downfall of it. It was sticking and to find this happening in the city takes some doing what with all the pipes under the streets. We were too early for the show, and decided to grab a bite to eat. “Have you ever tried Acme?” Pete inquired when we realized how much time we actually had before the show began and I told him I had not. So we wandered the five or so blocks it was away and I have never regretted trudging through the snowy mess for food ever since that night.

The menu was a Cajun one, and that meant a whole bevy of filling, comfort type food. They had choices of gumbo, friend chicken, blackened everything and assorted Po Boy sandwiches. They even had freshly baked corn bread on the table and a knock you out hot sauce. I remembered my first order was a chicken fried steak with a side order of black eyes peas and their mashed potatoes and grave. It was heavenly. There was also a house brew that I loved and while I didn’t realize this until we had sat down, this was also above the Rock Club “Under Acme”. Now the name made complete sense. This was officially going to be my pregaming spot for any shows that I was attending down at that club and perhaps even some of the close in proximity ones like Bowery Ballroom as well. Here’s a visual of the place during the day time and I am sorry but I didn’t take any from the inside.

Though I admit that I have to explore their menu a little deeper, I can say that I have had their burgers, the meat loaf, po-boy sandwich, gumbo, chicken fried steak, fried chicken, and even their wings. Whew, there is a lot of ground to cover and everything leaves you full and satisfied for sure. Take a look at this scan of the menu which I took home (don’t worry this was the take out menu so I was allowed to have it). Be warned, everything on this menu might prompt you to head into the kitchen and get some cooking done so don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Since that first night I have held court here on numerous occasions whether it was for some concert pre or post gaming, networking meetings with like minded peers in the industry or just to catch up with old friends at a comfortable space. It even ended up being a space I was not adverse to travelling to before gigs at Irving Plaza or Mercury Lounge which were more of a distance away than I would normally like to be when a show is happening. The club downstairs is awesome too if you are in a local band that kicks some ass. The sound is pretty good and while the getting set up can be a confining thing I have enjoyed quite a few bands here and written about them on the site. You can check out those reports and galleries via this LINK. Be aware that they changed the club name to “Ace Of Clubs” not too long after I first visited the establishment.

PiercingKen Is Now On Twitter: Live, Love, Follow…..

Even though you might be a leader in this world it’s thanks to the likes of Twitter that you can all also be Followers as well. That being said, I decided to mirror some of my practices done for PiercingMetal with the PiercingKen blog and create a Twitter account for it. I hope you will click the image below and become one of my ardent Followers because I would love to have you along for this part of the ride. So far I have connected a couple of things to it so you should see the blog postings a little faster than having to remember to come all the way over here 🙂 I’ve been using Foursquare for awhile and if you enjoy what that site services then you can see what we do over there as well.

Click Image To Access Our Twitter Feed

It’s funny to be doing this because I will be the first to admit that I didn’t even like Twitter in the beginning. Now I am seeing how to use it a lot more and a lot better so why not use it for this particular blog as well. It can’t hurt at the end of the day. Alright my friends that is all I have for you in this post. Please get back to your tasks and we shall see you soon for sure.

The Parrots Of Brooklyn Fly Above Us

Welcome to Brooklyn.  Home of really awesome pizza, bagels and so much more when you think about it.  The hallowed headquarters of PiercingMetal.com is cloistered deep in the middle of a region called Bay Ridge and when visitors travel over the Verazanno Bridge and reach this area as their first point they see this sign very prominently.

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Tom Otterness’ “Life Underground”: A Public Art Display

“Life Underground” is the title of a public art project that was commissioned by the city of New York and done by sculptor Tom Otterness.  Made of bronze, the humorous figures depict scenes of what goes on down here and gives some insight as to what might go on when there are only a handful of people around.  Recently I took a ride over to the 14th Street and Eighth Avenue station via the “L” train and wandered around the platform and just above it to see how many images I could snare of these citizens of the subway system.

tom otterness, life underground sculptures

The first one I caught site of was this snake and since this is one of the “supposed” things we would find down here I am just glad that he wasn’t real.  We’ve all seen rats scurrying about on the tracks but luckily no snakes.  I guess if there were any of those around there would be less rats eh?  Are you thinking what I am thinking?  Nevermind, let’s continue.

tom otterness, life underground sculptures
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The USS Intrepid “Sails” To The Repair Dock (12/2006)

Don’t mind my rewind 🙂 but these are the kinds of photos that made me kick off this PiercingKen.com thing in the first place.  Set the Delorean for the winter of 2006 Mr. McFly….the Professor needs to go back in time.

uss intrepid, intrepid sea air and space museum, aircraft carriers, the fighting i

Back in the latter part of 2006 I was working a job doing some technical stuff and that position found me based in Jersey City and initially I was not crazy about the location, because it was an additional train and hence and added fare to get there.

uss intrepid, intrepid sea air and space museum, aircraft carriers, the fighting i

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