Now That’s a Pipe (8/19/2012)

I’ve showcased a couple of posts to you readers recently about the massive sink hole that found a few streets right in the vicinity of the PiercingMetal Command HQ being ripped up for necessary maintenance. I guess its the fact that I am male that all of the images of giant digging machines and cranes and weird looking pipes interest and intrigue me and that is why when I see something that catches my eye I snap it up and share it with you here. Such is the case with these two massive sections of a very large pipe that I saw on the corner of 92nd Street and Ridge Boulevard in Bay Ridge. Look at these things.

I could not even fathom how they were to be placed under ground but I guess that was a function of those big machines to worry about. They appeared to be at least twelve or so feet in diameter. Just compare them to the orange street blockers if you need to gauge the image. I could not stand next to it and shoot the shot since no one was around me when I saw them.

This construction is going to continue for awhile and I am sure that I will see some other stuff that merits sharing in no time. Now its back to the regular writing at hand and by the way, I hope I didn’t seem sexist by stating I “think I like this stuff because I am a guy” as I know some women who appreciate these things as well. The construction stuff just reminds me of far away days and Tonka trucks and digging in the dirt with it all. Ciao for now.

Visiting Cronomer Hill Park (7/22/2012)

For the past few days I have been sharing my photographs from a recent visit to some friends who live up in Newburgh, NY. Before I caught my train my buddy suggested that we do a quick visit to Cronomer Hill Park which was on the way to the station. In this park is an elevated tower that lets you see across the Hudson Valley quite clearly. Depending on the weather you have with you this can be a wonderful visual. Fortunately for us, this was a very nice day so in we went.

cronomer hill park, newburgh ny, orange county new york parks

cronomer hill park, newburgh ny, orange county new york parks

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Spiced Chop Meat w/Mushrooms & Black Beans

I felt like cooking up a little something today and decided that using some of the stuff that I had on hand in the kitchen and pantry would be a very good idea. With that in mind I took the chopped meat out of the freezer and decided to go from there and see what I could come up with. There was an extra can of Goya Black Beans in the cabinet (and while I like having them on hand I didn’t need as many as were stockpiled). Then I realized it might be wise to use the recently opened package of mushrooms since they tend to turn a lot faster on the warmer days. My goal was to spice this mixture up but since I had half a package of the Ortega taco building kit I just used that. It would work under the circumstances.

Step One: Brown the chop meat, drain some of the drippings. The rest will be absorbed by the beans and mushrooms.
Add your spice mixture.
Add the beans and mushrooms and cook them all together for a few minutes. Done.

Here is the mixed up ingredients after being cooked up together. I apologize for no real preparation photos in this one, but there was really no need to. I’ll line them out before closing up on this little piece since they were easy and quick for anyone to put together.

I decided to take this concoction and use it between Pita bread and then run with your standard taco ingredients of tomato, lettuce and some cheese. I doused it with hot sauce but not the pepper water of tobasco but instead used the John’s Red Hot brand which I find to be a little richer in taste. Of course I would gladly try any number of the different sauces that some of my friends have launched on the side but I didn’t have any of them on hand. The photos below show the finished product minus the sauce. Taking the photos after adding the hot sauce might have been a little messy.

1LB Chopped Meat
2 segments from a garlic clove
1 Package of Mushrooms
1 Can of Goya Black Beans
Spice Of Choice

Preparation and Cooking Time: No more than ten minutes.

Oh yes and before I forget, you can even use this mixture with a Spanish rice or the Zatarain’s dirty rice which I absolutely love. It would work out being laid over the top of the rice or even blended in with it. Whatever you prefer. OK that’s all I have for you right now.

PiercingKen Is Yelping In The Crowd!!!

Since I have been having a lot of discussions about my enjoyment of food in lately and lining out how I felt that it helps a larger demographic find meals that they are looking around for, I decided to share with my readers the knowledge that I am also one of those “Yelpers” that you hear about every now and again. There is a chance that you already knew this from reading my series of Social Networking narratives that I keep over on PiercingMetal Musings, but if you don’t I promise not to hold it against you. One of these topics was about Yelp!

To recap what Yelp! is all about, its a website and a kind of Social Networking area that lets you as a consumer line out the benefits or detriments about a restaurant, bar, or shop. Yes thanks to Yelp! you as the common man or woman have the larger voice and can share it with the world. Be aware that there are a ton of people listening but this does come with some rules. For instance, just being able to do this does not mean you should be super critical about every little detail. I recommend that the new user to Yelp! focus on the winning points of establishments that they like to help send their friends and fans of that kind of spot to it. Bring the positives out and reward the great places. If they rule, then shout it out on the rooftops. I’ve seen people try to destroy places for the slightest infraction and that is just stupid. If a clerk made you wait for five minutes don’t crap on a place. If you were sitting at a bar for thirty minutes without receiving a drink inquiry, then I might say you have a reason to complain. Much like I try to do with my music review reporting, I stress the positive and relate any negativity about something I have with a balanced reason on why this is an issue. You will see that a couple of my Yelp! reviews have updates to them and these were done to raise a brow of concern about something that I no longer felt was right about the experience and that more people needed to know about.
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Visiting Washington’s Last Encampment (7/21/2012)

Not far from the Cantonment which was presented in a couple of previous posts lies the location of Washington’s Last Encampment. The buildings have been skillfully reconstructed and if you are in the area you should add this part to your exploration as well.

washington's last encampment

There was a slight path to walk down before we reached the grounds where the buildings were standing.

washington's last encampment
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