Happy 125th Birthday To Lady Liberty!!!

Huzzah, kudos and congratulations to The Statue Of Liberty who today is one-hundred twenty five years of age.   Yep, it was that long ago when the massive statue was dedicated to the United States from France and it has been both inspiring and a constant point of interest in the tourists minds. I have to admit that I kind of like to see it up close myself. The photo below is by no means the real deal statue but instead appears to be a giant desk decoration that I happened upon while wandering our fair Metropolis. Since I did not have any recent photos of the statue or scans of older photography, I opted to snap this one quick to be able to properly offer up some well wishes.

I realize that 125 years is a great milestone and that means some special events and speeches will be par for the course for the great statue. It makes me all the more excited for when she hits 150 years. Don’t worry, as before that day comes I will try to get some more recent images for blogging purposes and for your enjoyment. Happy Birthday once again Lady Liberty.

Check out the finer details about the monument via its Wikipedia entry HERE.

Heading Off To NY Comic Con 2011 Today :)

As you read this post you should know that I am preparing myself with a couple of more things that I will need before I head over to the Javits Center to get my Geek on. Yes today begins the NY Comic Con and for the second year in a row I shall be attending the event as a member of the accredited press. Now I’ll be covering this as the Master and Commander of PiercingMetal of course but since this is my lifestyle blog I figured why not let you know where we are and how you can keep up with the adventures that I will be involved in. Last year I loaded the whole enchilada onto the Official Blog for PiercingMetal because the flow of the narrative seemed to work out much better in that particular medium of the site. Now away I go…see you in a couple of days.

Logo - NY Comic Con - 2011

UPDATE: 10/16/2011: Hello again, I have returned from the NY Comic Con and boy am I exhausted. Now that this event is four days it is a lot more taxing on a person. I decided that it was better for me to come back and lightly edit this posting once I had returned to let you know that by clicking the logo right above us that you will be taken over to the leader page of the full story that lives on the blog. I posted a LOT of photographs and I hope you will enjoy this article. Thanks so much for your interest in this side site of mine as well, its a lot of fun sharing different stuff with you. I’ll be getting back on that stuff as soon as I get a little more in gear with the music reporting site.

Please note that comments have been “disabled” on this notice as they are better served on the myriad of posts on the PiercingMetal.com site. Thanks for understanding.

Official Website: http://www.nycomiccon.com

In Atlantic City? Then Let’s Play Monopoly!!!

Every now and again I get the chance to take a hop down to Atlantic City, NJ and enjoy some gambling, dining and the sights that are around me. Don’t worry, we generally break even at the slot machines and never add on too many pounds to our adventuring frame. However, the one thing that I always seem to find being bountiful is the amount of photographic opportunities that are around me. It’s not the same as my own metropolis of the Big Apple but it is cool in its own right and that leads me to this new bunch of images. It was the tail end of September and I was with family and had discovered that the Bally’s Atlantic City Casino had a life-sized Monopoly board right on the Boardwalk. For all intents and purposes this was being used to promote a new game that they had going on but at the same time it was a giant piece of artwork as well for all the passerby to indulge in. Using the trusty Panasonic Lumix I took a few minutes to “play” the board from beginning to end and hope that you enjoy it. Let’s roll those giant dice and get a move on shall we.

walkable monopoly board, atlantic city nj, bally's atlantic city, giant-sized monopoly
The Monopoly Board From Afar

Ready, set, roll!!!

walkable monopoly board, atlantic city nj, bally's atlantic city, giant-sized monopoly
Giant Dice

I always strive to get the “car” playing token.  Usually I do.

walkable monopoly board, atlantic city nj, bally's atlantic city, giant-sized monopoly
Gentlemen, and Ladies; Start Your Engines

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9-11-2001: Ten Years Gone, Let’s Remember, Reflect, & Respect Forever

Is it ten years already?

Yes I suppose it has been that long and yet for many people it seems like only yesterday when the horrible attacks took place on US Soil.  For those who lived it, it became the modern version of “where were you when JFK got shot” as the world continually would ask “where were you on 9-11-2001?”.  On the day of the attacks I was a temporary consultant working with a small advertising agency and I came up from the subway to find my fellow citizens all facing downtown staring.  It was like out of a movie as all were still and no one really knew what was going on.  We all soon learned and it was an event that I never want to experience again.  As the anniversary came to pass I wanted to share some photographic memories that I found while going through folders.  The first few images are from the streets as I looked up at the now absent Twin Towers.  They were shot in March of 2000 and were done to share with some new out of state and country friends who were very anxious to enjoy NYC and its wonders.

The World Trade Center

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Flight Of The Dragonfly

I’m not embarrassed to admit that I visit my family every Sunday so we can have lunch together as they are right here in the neighborhood in while I live. While I am there I also try to get a little laundry done since it lets me relax and not worry about doing that when I could be out doing some photography or writing instead. With the summer still on but moving to an eventual close, the ability to hang the clothes on the outside line is there and I always love doing that instead of tossing stuff into the dryer (especially all those black band shirts that I sport). Anyways, continuing on. Last week while hanging the clothes I had some company in the form of a decent sized dragonfly. If I moved one place he flew right near me.

I decided to pull out my little Sony Cybershot camera which I wear like a sidearm. In most cases around the scenic life of NYC it does the trick rather well, but it would be a test to see how it worked on something as small and fast moving as this little fellow.


I only snapped a little under a handful of images of him and from a couple of feet away to not frighten him off. He seemed happy hanging around on the clothes line or one of the clothespins so I wanted to leave him be. The day was super sunny so it was a little tricky getting a good visual in the LCD screen but I was happy with what I ended up with for these purposes.


My good friend and fellow Blogger Beehivehairdresser does this kind of thing all the time as he serves up images and views on his eponymous site, and I admitted that I took a page from his book when I wanted to see just how good or okay I could capture some of nature’s wonders.

I’d like to try more visuals like this as I feel they work well within the context of the garden shots we have presented for your enjoyment, and perhaps next time I will use the Panasonic Lumix or get the super zoom lens on the Canon SLR to see what we land. I thanked my little friend for his participation and headed inside for some eats.

Take time to make note of the things going on around you. There is some really cool stuff out there.

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