30 Rooms: The Art Of Michelle Delecki

I was recently invited to an art presentation that was called “30 Rooms” and this was being held in an office building on what appeared to be an open floor for the Regus Business Center company. Organized and sponsored by Six Summit Gallery, the event would present thirty different artists in thirty different rooms. While I did not manage to see every single room, I did get to a bunch that I really enjoyed and shall be presenting each of those artists in their own posting to allow for some focused attention. My first subject is Michelle Delecki.

Poster - 30 Rooms

Historically speaking, I actually met Michelle at one of the NY Comic Con’s a couple of years ago and our mutual appreciation of that which be Metal found us keeping in touch via the magic of Facebook. Michelle’s presentation was called “Starlets” and of course would be featuring a number of the film industry’s most beloved, and beautiful actresses ever. I asked Michelle about the premise and she offered up the following:

The name of my collection is “Starlets”. I painted famous Hollywood Golden Age actresses because I love the glamour and overall femininity that these women had. There was a luxurious style that was timeless and classy, and it’s completely relevant in today’s day and age. I worked with a simple color palette incorporating grey undertones and adding just a splash of color to add attention to the face. I wanted to keep everything very simple, because I wanted all of the focus to be on the beauty of the actress that I was painting. I wanted to capture their essence without it being overdone.

michelle delecki
The Sign

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PiercingMetal Goes To Book Expo America 2013

Hey there my fine readers, I just wanted to take a moment of your time and share the news that I recently was in attendance at the Book Expo America convention for this year and have posted my coverage on the PiercingMetal.com site. New readers might not be aware of this but its a semi-regular practice of mine to showcase some of the diverse adventures on my main website right here with little traffic signs. That said, just click the logo below to be taken to my overview of that event. I went on a couple of days.

Logo - BEA
Click Logo To See Coverage Of BEA on PiercingMetal.com

Comments are closed on this broadcast but if you attended BEA2013 and feel compelled to chime in with something you can do it on those posts. See you soon with more exciting images and narrative.

Official Website: http://www.bookexpoamerica.com/

Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade (5/27/2013)

Today was the annual Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade, and this 146th edition of the parade has been going on in Bay Ridge for the past 21 years. The motto for this year would be “Lest We Forget” and its important that we never let this be the case to all our brave men and women who fought so hard and made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. The parade would start on 87th Street and 3rd Avenue (my parents old block actually) and travel up to Marine Avenue heading to Fourth Avenue where it will end at Cannonball Park. It’s actually John Paul Jones Park but everyone calls it that.

The parade began with a little bit of Rolling Thunder. I snagged it on video using the ever trusty Panasonic Lumix. This time around it would be the only video that was captured as I figured I did not need to get the pipe and drum corps this time around like I did on St. Patrick’s Day.

I’ll toss some comments in now and then during the presentation but will mostly be letting you enjoy the parade as it passes by in order to let you feel like you are there watching it along with me. Enjoy.

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Happy Memorial Day 2013 America

It’s Memorial Day once again and let’s never forget the true importance and meaning of the day. It’s meant to honor our fallen soldiers and any American who had died while serving in the armed forces. Of course, while we do appreciate our veterans on their own day, I don’t think it hurts to give them a nod of thanks for their service as well. The image below comes from a helmet that I found on sale at a garage sale of all places a number of years ago. It was in decent shape and while not an official combat helmet, it still had the medal on the front and was being sold very cheaply. I was in my teens so finance was always an issue. You’ve been there as well I am sure. Anyway. So that is the only story that I know about the helmet at the seller didn’t really have any information either.


I imagine if the helmet could speak that it would tell me any number of gripping stories about the soldier who wore it, and the life that they saw together along with all the other soldiers and civilians that they came into contact with. If I had to gauge an age for the helmet, I would say that perhaps it belonged to a Vietnam War veteran of some kind. I did buy this long before the US did battle with Iraq and Afghanistan after all. The lack of stories around it didn’t hit me all that much at the young age but now as an adult who often speaks to his readers in this fashion I am kind of bummed out about that. Oh well. One can only hope that this particular soldier lived to a good age unlike so many of his brothers might have. I zoomed closer in on the medal on the helmet and while I polished it just a little bit before taking the photograph, it still looks worn and historic. Its very thin and I didn’t want to damage it.


That’s all I have for you this year. Don’t forget those who we have lost who helped make this country great. By the way, I’m still rather proud of a post I did for last year’s Memorial Day since it truly paid homage to the importance of the holiday and is greatly personal to my family as well. New readers can indulge in that narrative by clicking HERE.

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Memorial_Day

Happy 10th Anniversary To WordPress (5/27/2013)

Wow so according to WordPress itself, today is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first release of the blogging software, and as an avid WordPress blogger and occasional spirit guide to my friends who use it I say Happy Anniversary!!!!

Logo - WordPress

I started running my static website PiercingMetal.com in 2005 which was two years after WordPress first launched and back at that time it was hard enough to convince people to work with you being an online version of a magazine much less a blog but my how things have changed since then. Initially I hated the blogging aspect of online journalism, but that changed around 2007 for me when I launched my sites official blog “PiercingMetal Musings” and used Google’s Blogger for it at first. Now without trying to offend those who love that particular medium, it did not do the trick for me, and it was sending necessary traffic attention “away” from my dotcom which was not a good thing. Then while digging around in the provisions that my hosting company offered me, I saw that I could not only install the WordPress blogging software under my domain but also import my entire existing Blogger blog into it at the touch of a button. Once confirming that I had lost nothing at all and that it functioned under my domain I was officially sold on the WordPress medium from that point on. I’ve also done my best to to champion its effectiveness to my peers as well.

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