Happy Earth Day 2014 World

Today is Earth Day and while not a holiday of any real kind, its surely important to try to pay a little more mind to the way we treat this place upon which we walk and go about our daily routines.

Photo - Earth Day Flag

Some readers might recall that I love to share photos of my immediate area and one spot in particular is where some spectacular views of the Verrazano Bridge can be viewed. Depending on the time and the temperature it can be quite an awesome experience. Well, the other day I decided to keep walking the bike path to pass the bridge because I felt that some of the visuals I would get would be perfect for Earth Day in a sense.

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Playing “Master Chef” On Easter Sunday 2014

I periodically like to share my cooking adventures and experiments here on the Piercing Ken blog and since this Easter was going to find me all by myself with no real plans to visit anyone, I would be left to my own devices in the kitchen. Oh don’t feel bad about that disclosure because I had two back to back killer Metal concerts to cover for PiercingMetal.com on Friday and Saturday so I was looking forward to the quiet time and seeing what I could find in the apartment to cook up. When I realize that I had one of those frozen turkey loafs in my freezer, it was time to use it.

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Happy Easter 2014 To All

I’d like to take a moment to wish all of our readers that are celebrating Easter a very happy holiday and as is the usual practice here with this little blog of mine, am presenting themed images from things I saw in my travels that relate to it. Let’s wander.

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Fooding With Finns @ Hill Country BBQ Market NYC

If you’ve been reading my PiercingMetal Facebook at all from the last few weeks, you’ve probably seen me mention that we were wandering around with the keyboardist/founder of the Finnish Band “Amberian Dawn” and a couple of his friends. During these adventures we hit some of the local favorite pubs like our much loved Duke’s and even McSorley’s but now the time had some to sit down for a proper dinner at a place called HILL COUNTRY BBQ MARKET. Since I had never been there before, I decided to take some photos and add them to the food focused posts on The Chronicles. When you sit down, the server gives you one of these little guides/tickets. It’s very important to keep this ticket. The server made sure to mention this.

hill country bbq market

Initially I wasn’t planning on documenting this visit, but since I had snapped several photos with my mobile said it was a good idea. Here are some additional looks at this little guide card.

hill country bbq market
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My Last Visit To Roseland Ballroom (4/9/2014)

The venue had officially closed only two evenings prior to these shots being taken and since I had to be in the city to see some newly made friends, I decided to take a slight detour to go pay a visit to The Roseland Ballroom one more time. I was hoping for some kind of phrase on the marquee like “Thanks NYC” or “Goodbye” but as you can see by these images this was not to be found. That was sad.

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