Leaving NYC In An Underground Fashion (8/21/2013)

Okay so it was not too long ago that I shared some mass transit visuals with you all when I was heading out to an art opening in Long Island City. I called it a “A Few Minutes On The #7 Train” for lack of a better description and felt that there were a couple of other instances where I wanted to do the same thing. I head upstate to see friends a couple of times a year and the ride that brings me there along the Hudson River is nothing less than amazing. This clip however is from an entirely different vantage point and brings you along with me to the Underground as my train makes its way out of Grand Central station.

The last time that I went up there I remembered liking the visuals a lot more than I did for this particular visit so I am guessing I was on a different track. It feels as though you are traveling through a dark and eerie city when you are heading out so I pushed my little Sony Cybershot to the very dirty glass and pressed “record”. Mind you some of it is darkness and some of it a little cloudier than I would have liked as the little camera struggled to focus in the dark. Like I said this was just to share the time and also to continue to experiment in this fashion. I think it might have come out better had I used the Lumix since that is a tad more powerful. In any case you have this for the time being and might want to try it yourself. One of my future goals is to get a video when I go over the Manhattan Bridge. If I capture it you can count on my sharing it here. I do them because we have such a worldwide visitor base that its fun to have them along with me and spark their own interests for when they visit.

Official Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Subway

Piercing Ken Explores Orange County Choppers

A few weeks ago I was visiting friends upstate and one of the things my buddy likes to do when I am there is keep my time occupied with the coolness of the area. He knows that I love blogging up the sights that I see and felt that a quick visit to the Orange County Choppers complex in Newburgh would be time well spent. He was right. So out came the little point and shoot and I snapped with fervor as I walked around the showroom.

orange county choppers, occ,

orange county choppers, occ,
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I Love Pizza @ John’s Pizzeria (New York, NY)

I’ve been wanting to put more of my dining out adventures here on The Chronicles because I am often taking a whole lot of photos to use for Foodspotting.com purposes and since I recently hit the famous John’s Pizzeria of Bleecker Street I figured why not post something. This was a busy day for me, as I had to head to Long Island City to see a friends art exhibit and then later in the evening would be a rocking show by my buddy’s band. I touched base with some friends who said they wanted to go to John’s Pizzeria beforehand for eats and a couple of beers and so I connected with them but the only downside my stomach was in knots based on drinking some very expired orange juice. This was going to be interesting.

john's pizzeria, john's of bleecker street

We lucked out on arrival to John’s as there wasn’t much of a wait to get inside. The place is very popular down here in the West Village and there is almost always a line. I’ve seen the line before and opted for something else but tonight my two friends were on a mission so pizza was going to be had and here is a quick visual of the pie from my phone. In John’s you cannot order single slices and must get a whole pie. That was not a problem for us as all as we would devour this.

john's pizzeria, john's of bleecker street
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Command Z Strikes The Bitter End (7/20/2013)

One of the things I like to do with the personal blog is to periodically showcase some of the talented friends that I have in my circle whether they be music, art or something else. One such project is the band Command Z that features one of my best buddies (and occasional PiercingMetal contributor) Joe Kaufman on lead guitar, Tom Quigley on lead guitar, Larry Corban on bass and Brian McMahon on drums. The band used to feature Trig on drums but he has since left the group. I’m happy to say that I’ve known most of these lads for more than twenty years apiece and a couple of them even longer. Here is their striking logo.

Logo - Command Z

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A Few Minutes On The #7 Train (7/20/2013)

I was heading out to Long Island City to see the art presentation of a friend and to get there I had to take the #7 train which I caught out of Grand Central Station. To the best of my knowledge I had not been on this particular line in a number of years and since I knew that it went outside after a few stops underground I decided to try my hand at some videography.

For the experiment I used my little Sony Cybershot camera and did this from the front car (obviously) and got what I could. The window was dirty and the tunnel dark and tricky to get a clear handle on but for what this was supposed to be it worked out just fine. Now any of you readers from far away places know one of the other things to do when you visit.

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_City_Subway

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