The Cubes Are Coming,The Cubes Are Coming…..

As you know there is always construction going on in New York City and while the majority of it is pretty much the same old same old for someone who is a lifelong resident like me, there is the occasional time where the visual (or proposed visual) catches my attention and eye. Such was the case when I exited the “D” train the other night on the way to a show at the Best Buy Theater……Just across from me was a giant sign that proclaimed in as loud a voice as a sign can possibly have that “The Cubes Are Coming!” Check it out below.

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Adriana Louise: A Dukette Finds “The Voice”

I’m going to admit that I have never before watched an episode of the NBC talent competition “The Voice”. Over the years I have supported the audition shows for both “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance” because so many of the people I encounter on a daily basis as a music journalist for my Metal site do that kind of thing, but “The Voice” always managed to elude me – until now. Let me explain why.

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9/11 – Let Us Never Forget…..

and really, how can we ever forget a tragic attack like 9-11-2001 in the city of New York, or even the world. It’s kind of hard to fathom that we are now at the eleventh year after this happened but we are and while we shall never forget, I think its very important for us to all try to heal all the more strongly. Of course its easier to say this than to do it but it is important to live on and keep the memory of those we lost in our hearts and not let grief or fear cripple us. This is the day that everyone remembers where they were when it happened if they are of a certain age. My own recollection was having just gotten off the train and noticing everyone looking downtown from 23rd Street. I felt it was like watching a scene from a giant monster movie based on the smoke and the look of awe and shock on everyone. At the office the news reported a plane off course but it was soon apparent that there was more to this. We were told to leave the city but when I made it back to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge all one could see in that direction were billows of smoke. It seemed odd. The MTA dropped us at Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street and it was above ground we all went. I somehow reached my Mother with my cell phone and asked what the latest news was. “They’re gone” she replied, “The World Trade Center buildings had collapsed”. Words that I never even imagined possible and yet this was indeed the reality.

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A Moose No Longer Loose, Goodbye To The Bull Moose Saloon

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Okay, this just sucks. Last night while heading to a show with The Finnish Ambassador (our friend Samuel for those new readers and not the real deal ambassador of Finland) we were locked into the plan of meeting up at the Bull Moose Saloon. I’ve often mentioned how Smith’s was my go to hang for the pregaming before Metal shows over at B.B. King’s and Best Buy Theater but lately the amount of tourists had been edging me out of the place and while its great for their business it is NOT good for me when I only have a little while before jumping into the musical fray. With that being the case I had opted for the Bull Moose Saloon for several months and enjoyed that it was just off the beaten path of the tourists and kept a regular customer base of working NYC union folks and stage people along with folks such as I. The prices were great and the food always managed to hit the right spot. Today that would change for the worst.

As I hit the block where the bar was located I received a text from Samuel saying the place was not open at the moment and there was a gate at the door. With that being the note, I had to walk down just the same to assess the situation and see if I could determine what was actually going on. Samuel mused aloud that perhaps the place was being cleaned up but I countered at how Thursday was not a night one often finds pubs in NYC closed for business. Maybe a Monday or Tuesday but not on a day that pretty much leads you into the weekend. When we reached the pub there was a massive gate and there were no more neon signs in the window nor was the big awning that said the bars name there. It appeared to be a grim situation.

I told Samuel this did not appear to be a routine cleaning but the look of a place now gone and making way for something else. It was a shame because I really liked the place. Mind you my little group would still hit Smith’s now and again but if there were a larger bunch of us we would just convene there since there was never an issue with space for us. They also made a fantastic Reuben sandwich and Buffalo Chicken wings. I apologize for whining but this is the third place that I liked to go to that has closed and the second in one year’s time. I am starting to think there is a secret cabal out there following me to see what I approve of so they can close it up LOL. Of course I am kidding.

You were great sanctuary and a fun place to meet my friends and we enjoyed your fare and were glad to have enjoyed it for the couple of years that we did walk through your doors. I also want to send good luck wishes to those staffers we always got to talk to like Ellen, Mike, Kit and the rest on their next adventures. Goodbye Bull Moose Saloon. You shall be missed. Hell’s Kitchen will not be the same without this one.

Thank You Commander Neil Armstrong (1930-2012); Fly Safely Home

Just the other day the United States of America, and more truthfully stated the entire world, lost a legendary hero as Commander Neil Armstrong passed away at age 82. Armstrong is most famous for being the first man on the Moon and giving us quotes that resonated through history like “The Eagle Has Landed”, and “That’s One Small Step For Man, One Giant Leap For Mankind”. On July 20, 1969 thanks to the abilities of the Apollo 11 spacecraft, Neil took us where no man had gone before. It was amazing and I remember watching this as a small child on the small black and white television that my babysitter had in her kitchen. I can only imagine how this made the folks who were older than me feel. Truly unforgettable actions and stuff that I am glad had been recorded for generations to appreciate and find inspiration in for the years going forward.

I snapped this show of the visible moon during the daylight as the sun was beginning to go down. I’ve yet to figure out how to get a nice photograph of an actual full moon in the night but this will serve my purpose for this memorial reflection. We all owe thanks to a man whose bravery and service to his country found him performing feats that were not unlike something out of the science fiction novels. Commander Armstrong would die from complications resultant of a cardiovascular procedure and according to notes on his Wikipedia entry his family has stated that if we see the moon smiling down on us on a clear night to give it a wink in Neil’s honor. I think we can all do that now can’t we. Rest in Peace Mr. Armstrong. may your journey home be without incident. Thank you for leaving us with memories of your missions and showing us what possibilities lie ahead for those brave enough to take them.

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