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It’s a crazy world out there almost every single day and maybe we all just need to get a little more of this into our lives. After I saw this hanging in a window, I knew that I had to offer it up for any who could use a dose of positivity in their day. I will admit that I sure don’t mind.


That’s all I have right now, “speak” to you again soon 🙂

A Friendly Thought From A Times Square Hotspot

b.b. king blues club

Before you read any more of this post, I want to admit to you that I have already used this photo over on my PiercingMetal site but it was too cool in my humble opinion and hence my rational in sharing it here with all of you readers of the PiercingKen blogsite. I took it the other day while in the city for an appointment at a brand new venue called Stage 48. I was doing a walk-through with my trusty colleague Skeleton Pete and as we walked down 42nd Street there it was.

Folks who read this blog only might not be aware that I have been to the B.B. King Blues Club and Grill over 200 times over the past eight years and for each of those times I was covering some kind of show for the website. I like to consider myself an advocate of the live music scene and that is why I keep a comprehensive calendar over on my main music reporting site. You can access that calendar by clicking the photo above and please do feel free to share that resource if you like what you see. If you’d like to see the coverage from those 200 plus shows you can click HERE. I can only imagine that this listing will get bigger and bigger as we aim to the future. Alright, time to get back to the normal writings and planning. Like the venue said “Have A Nice Day” 🙂

Official Website:

There’s A New Venue In Town: Introducing Stage 48!!!

Every now and again I like to use the blogsite to inform our readers about something that I think was super cool and informative and had been written exclusively for the PiercingMetal Official Blog. That being said, I just took a wander with my good buddy Skeleton Pete to a place called “Stage 48” which is a new venue opening up in NYC in full towards the end of March. Clicking the venue name below will transport you to PiercingMetal Musings where you can enjoy the narrative.

stage 48

Comments are locked on this post but you can surely leave us your opinions about the new venue space over on PiercingMetal Musings as that has been left open for you to do so once you have finished reading. As a frequent NYC concert goer, I am very excited about a new place to enjoy some killer bands and you can count on reports being done for shows over there for sure.

Official Website:

Hungry, Hungry…….Toilets?

I realize that the title of this post was a bit strange but recently while at a restaurant and using their facilities to wash up. As one often finds in restrooms, there was a polite request to not throw paper towels or feminine products down the toilet but this one came with a really bizarre drawing. Take a look. This is one hungry looking toilet. Do you agree?


My apologies for the crappy image and wow, also very bad pun it would seem, but I didn’t have a lot of time to snare the best possible shot. I just wanted to make sure I secured something, anything that would allow me to share it with you. That is all for now, see you very soon.

Happy 100th Anniversary Grand Central Station

According to what I am hearing, it was 100 years ago today that Grand Central Terminal first opened its doors to the general public an with that being the case I wanted to post a couple of photos that I have taken to raise a glass.

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