Hitting “2000 Posts” With Tumblr; A Personal Record :)

Hey there readers, this is just a little sharing of some fun news that I received about one of the Social Networks that I use to better broadcast all this entertainment media stuff to you with. Apparently I’ve reached “2000” posts in the Tumblr account for PiercingMetal.com and if you are wondering why I am saying this here on PiercingKen as opposed to the other website, well there is a method to my madness 🙂

Click Image For Our “Tumblr” 🙂

For the longest time I was using the PiercingMetal Tumblr account as a feeder of that websites posts and its Twitter account but over the last year I have integrated this lifestyle blog into it as well to allow me to showcase our adventures in the real world that get documented here. Also, since I am loving the Instagram medium for both sites, there are times when images will get broadcast on the Tumblr account as well. Those accounts are really two sides of the same creative coin so I hope you are checking them out once in awhile. It’s all 100% original stuff and not other peoples images or photos like some other websites like to do. Sadly I have to close this post up as there is a mountain of things to do on both of the mediums along with the mandatory social networking so let me say “thanks” if you are one of the folks that follows the account or at least reads it from time to time. With all the myriad of outlets currently online I’m very appreciative of every single click. See you soon. KP

Happy 14th Birthday To My Spooke Cat (3/24/2016)

I just wanted to take a moment to let all of our readers know that my no longer little cat Spooke has reached her fourteenth year. Today is her birthday and I have had her since birth from her mother Shadow and both can be seen in the photo below. This was taken when Spooke was only about two weeks old and that is her brother KISS to the right. He lives somewhere in Brooklyn I am told and sadly Shadow left us back in November of 2015. We still both miss her very much.


Since this is a great birthday to reach, I wanted to share that early shot and this one which has always been one of my favorites from when she was about a month and a half. I loved that she had blue eyes at first but they would become green as she got older. She was one of four kittens that Shadow had and I kept her for company to the mother cat while putting the siblings up for adoption.


I took this shot yesterday when she was trying to claim the chair from me. She didn’t want to join me, she just wanted it for herself so of course since I didn’t really need to be in the chair I went off to do other things. Who could resist these eyes after all.


Spooke is a very talkative cat and understands me with a handful of phrases which is fun. She is still very playful and seems to be healthy. She has never been anything but pleasant in demeanor and is spoiled as much as she allows herself to be. I didn’t rush to get another cat when Shadow passed on and instead opted to leave Spooke as queen of the house. I love her dearly, she is my girl. Happy Birthday again. Love your pets my friend. Its important stuff.

Happy 10th Anniversary To Twitter

I’m not one to generally celebrate the 10th Anniversary of a Social Network but I have been enjoying the use of Twitter on both of my websites for some time now and with today being their special milestone I said why the heck not. I decided to make my toast a bit more connected to my mediums as I was able to find out exactly what my first tweet was for each of my website accounts. I’ve shared them with you along with some thoughts about each of below so check it all out after the logo.

twitter logo

Before I begin I should state that I was not the earliest adopter to Twitter and didn’t have accounts until 2009. This account was created second and began being used in June and I’ll start off with the PiercingKen account since we are raising the glass on that website. What amuses me about its first tweet is the fact that it relates more to the PiercingMetal outlet than this one. I was a frequent user of the Foursquare app on my mobile device and would periodically “Check In” to places on that service. For some reason I connected the PiercingKen Twitter to the service because it was always dealing with food and drink stuff more so than “Being Metal” and when I was hitting a concert venue I would do the same sort of checking in. It made no sense to have a different ID in Foursquare (which is now called Swarm) so I left it alone. The PiercingKen Swarm, Twitter and Facebook page are more aimed at Lifestyle and some of that includes my music themed website. As you read this there are about 2,884 tweets but only a couple of hundred followers. Most of my tweets are sent there via other mediums like Instagram, Foodspotting and Yelp. I could be better at it but there is only so much time in the day.
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Macy’s Windows Display The “Good Life”

I was heading home from the Megadeth show just the other night and ended up walking past the famous Macy’s Department store where the windows caught my eyes. It was for a fashion line of some kind called “Good Life” and I liked the look of the windows display so wanted to share the visuals with you. Check it out.

good life designs, macy's windows

good life designs, macy's windows
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Exploring Toy Fair 2016: Safari Ltd. & Tonner Doll Company

Logo - Toy Fair - 2016

Welcome back to another group of visuals from the 2016 Toy Fair.  With this installment I am putting two find companies together and shall showcase both the Safari Ltd. stuff with that of the Tonner Doll Company.  Let’s take a look at Safari Ltd. first.

Logo - Safari Ltd

I’ve really enjoyed the items that we find at the Safari Ltd. area when we begin exploring their stuff.  You’ve probably seen a lot of these fine plastic animals for sale at museum gift shops when you make your way out of an exhibit.  Here are some of the popular creations that have been given a remastering treatment since their original debut.

safari ltd, toy fair 2016

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