Saying “Goodbye” To My Shadow Cat (11/1/2015)

It’s with great sadness that I share the news about my beloved cat Shadow who needed to be released from this plane after a brief illness a few days ago. She was just over fourteen years old and was rescued by my Mom some thirteen and a half years ago and had been with me ever since. It’s been a hard few days of tears and accepting that she is not here with me anymore for sure but I wanted to take a few moments and share some of my favorite photos that were taken and remember her with a smile. Below is the first pic that I ever took with her. It was to introduce her to the world via the at the time popular social networks of Friendster and MySpace and to include in email for far away friends.


Shadow was rescued from my Mom’s backyard when I saw a mouse zoom by me in my old apartment. They were working in the streets outside and I guess the critters were running into our basement and up into the rest of the building. The little black cat was very friendly and left in the bathroom for the night in order to get her scent in the place and frighten off any future mouse visit. I noticed she had a slight scratch on her eye and a small cut on a paw so I didn’t wait on getting her to the Vet because she was going to be living with me from then on. I made this decision rather quickly since she was so friendly and loving. I guess she appreciated being brought into a warm apartment in the dead of winter. At the time I was only calling her “Black Cat” or the generic “Cat” since I didn’t decide on a name yet.

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Happy Halloween 2015 NYC

Logo - Halloween - 2015

By now I am sure that you realize how we love Halloween over in the Piercing Ken Creative Command and for the last few years I have been doing a post here on the website that simply showcases some of the spooky decorations or scenes that I have observed while exploring our always interesting Metropolis. With that being said, here is this years installment. Enjoy and uhm, watch your back in the darker alleys.

happy halloween, halloween in nyc, halloween in nyc 2015

happy halloween, halloween in nyc, halloween in nyc 2015
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Exploring The PDN Photoplus Expo (2015): Part 2

Hey there, so we are back with the rest of the visuals that were snagged at this years PDN Photoplus Expo. Since I took almost 100 images, I decided to split up the posts into two. Now let’s continue on with the sights and awesome products. I’ll chime in as necessary and if you somehow missed “Part 1” from the adventure just click on THIS LINK to get up to speed.

pdn photoplus expo, pdn photoplus expo 2015

pdn photoplus expo, pdn photoplus expo 2015
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Exploring The PDN Photoplus Expo (2015): Part 1

Hello my dear readers, I’m here to share with you the recent adventures that I had at the annual PDN Photoplus Expo which takes place at the Jacob Javits Center. It’s actually my sixth year in a row at this Expo and below you’ll find my visuals and some thoughts as I need to share them. Have fun and let’s explore the floor together.

pdn photoplus expo, pdn photoplus expo 2015

pdn photoplus expo, pdn photoplus expo 2015
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PiercingMetal Goes To NY Comic Con 2015

For the past four days, NY Comic Con had taken over the Jacob Javits Center and I was once again fortunate to be able to attend as a member of the press to put a story or three up on the site. If you would like to see the visuals from our adventures at the Con (we went all four days mind you), just click the logo below to be transported over to that site where you can see the whole gamut. There are a healthy number of photographs to enjoy in the posts and I hope you like them (especially if you attended the Con).

Logo - NY Comic Con - 2015b

Just to remind readers of this site about how I do my NY Comic Con posts on; historically speaking I try to post no more than fifty images per post which allows any of the featured vendors and cosplayers to find themselves easily. This ends up making me have to post more but who cares, content is king and the more the merrier I always say. I’ve disabled the comments on this post since its more of a traffic sign that will direct you over to the main posts on; You can comment over there if you have some topical viewpoints for sure.

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