Happy 10th Anniversary To WordPress (5/27/2013)

Wow so according to WordPress itself, today is the tenth anniversary of the launch of the first release of the blogging software, and as an avid WordPress blogger and occasional spirit guide to my friends who use it I say Happy Anniversary!!!!

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I started running my static website PiercingMetal.com in 2005 which was two years after WordPress first launched and back at that time it was hard enough to convince people to work with you being an online version of a magazine much less a blog but my how things have changed since then. Initially I hated the blogging aspect of online journalism, but that changed around 2007 for me when I launched my sites official blog “PiercingMetal Musings” and used Google’s Blogger for it at first. Now without trying to offend those who love that particular medium, it did not do the trick for me, and it was sending necessary traffic attention “away” from my dotcom which was not a good thing. Then while digging around in the provisions that my hosting company offered me, I saw that I could not only install the WordPress blogging software under my domain but also import my entire existing Blogger blog into it at the touch of a button. Once confirming that I had lost nothing at all and that it functioned under my domain I was officially sold on the WordPress medium from that point on. I’ve also done my best to to champion its effectiveness to my peers as well.

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Bay Ridge Norwegian Day Parade (5/19/2013)

Yesterday it was a very gloomy and rainy day here in Bay Ridge but that did not stop the proud Norwegian residents from marching in honor of the annual Bay Ridge Norwegian Day parade. I really enjoy bringing our readers the occasional area parade when it is possible for me to attend and present you some visuals of the proceedings. With that being the case I will not say too much and let you instead feel like you were standing right there with me. Enjoy.

Flag - Norway
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Behind The Scenes w JKaufman Guitars @ NY Guitar Show and Exposition

My good friend Joe Kaufman is a Luthier and that means he builds guitars. He is also a bit of a technical wizard when it comes to doing repairs on the things and when he locked in a booth at the NY Guitar Show and Exposition that was being held out in Freeport, NY I offered up my time to be an extra pair of hands at the show. That larger report is over on my PiercingMetal.com site and can be observed HERE if you wanted to look. This post is fully focused on our setting up and presenting the booth and Joe’s instruments to the public.

ny guitar show and exposition 2013, jkaufman guitars

We didn’t have a proper banner for this show unfortunately as this was a last minute decision for Joe. These events are a lot of work and planning in case you didn’t realize.

ny guitar show and exposition 2013, jkaufman guitars
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PiercingMetal Goes To The 1st Annual Hot Sauce Expo!!! (4/21/2013)

The other day I attended an event called the “1st Annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo” and this expo was started by a Metal brother of mine, Steve Seabury who we’ve seen in some bands over the years. While I realize that this is not truly a Metal event and would be perfect to discuss on this site, the number of music personalities who were there and working their own branded hot sauces made me post it over there. If you click the poster below you will be transported across the Internet to that coverage and all the photos. Enjoy and I’ll see you back here with other stuff soon.

nyc hot sauce expo poster, 1st annual nyc hot sauce expo poster,
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Please note that I have disabled the means to comment on this narrative as its only here to serve as a traffic sign directing you down a different online road. Topical comments are most welcome on the full on presentation that you will find on PiercingMetal.com – Thanks.

Official Website: http://nychotsauceexpo.com/

Below you will find some of the hot sauces from the event organizers brand along with a fun-filled Metal themed cookbook that will test your taste buds level of heavy.

“Greetings From Brooklyn”

Today is Earth Day, and while I would have loved to share a photo of the whole planet with my wonderful readers, I had to settle on that little place I call home New York City. The photo you see below was shot by me yesterday as I stood on the bank of the East River in the aptly named “East River Park”.


It was a beautiful day here in NYC and I was at the 1st Annual Hot Sauce Expo and just could not resist sharing a quick visual of our Big Apple with all of you. I shot this with the Droid phone and uploaded it to Facebook, so some of my first viewers saw it there. If you get over to these parts during the last few weeks of Spring or in the Summer, so take a wander here and snap your own shot. You will not regret doing so. Obviously the photo shows some of the East River, the Empire State Building and to your right a tiny bit of the Chrysler Building. Happy Earth Day my friends. Treat her and each other with kindness. We’ve only so much time to spend together after all. Oh yeah and if you’d like to see that Hot Sauce Expo that I said I was attending you can click HERE for that article. It’s over on my PiercingMetal site.

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