Command Z Strikes The Bitter End (7/20/2013)

One of the things I like to do with the personal blog is to periodically showcase some of the talented friends that I have in my circle whether they be music, art or something else. One such project is the band Command Z that features one of my best buddies (and occasional PiercingMetal contributor) Joe Kaufman on lead guitar, Tom Quigley on lead guitar, Larry Corban on bass and Brian McMahon on drums. The band used to feature Trig on drums but he has since left the group. I’m happy to say that I’ve known most of these lads for more than twenty years apiece and a couple of them even longer. Here is their striking logo.

Logo - Command Z

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A Few Minutes On The #7 Train (7/20/2013)

I was heading out to Long Island City to see the art presentation of a friend and to get there I had to take the #7 train which I caught out of Grand Central Station. To the best of my knowledge I had not been on this particular line in a number of years and since I knew that it went outside after a few stops underground I decided to try my hand at some videography.

For the experiment I used my little Sony Cybershot camera and did this from the front car (obviously) and got what I could. The window was dirty and the tunnel dark and tricky to get a clear handle on but for what this was supposed to be it worked out just fine. Now any of you readers from far away places know one of the other things to do when you visit.

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Protecting Your Hearing w Flents Earplugs

Hey there readers, can I just take a moment of your time for a change? Well, I mean outside of the usual taking a moment of your time. I can? That’s good because this is something that is rather important to me. It’s a quick PSA about protecting your hearing with the use of these little implements.

flents, earplugs

Now anyone who has seen me in public and read my website knows that I attend a LOT of concerts over the course of any given week. A LOT OF CONCERTS. I should add that I am often also in very close proximity to the loudest part of the action since I am taking photos and close to amps, speakers and monitors. What many might not know is that I am always wearing a pair of earplugs during the Metal mayhem and while this might sound “lame” to you, I should say that they don’t keep me from hearing the crushing melodies at all and instead keep some of the assault at bay which lets me hear the doorbell, phone and general conversation the next morning 🙂 That is never a bad thing in my opinion. I recently refilled my technical utility belt with some more of these Flents brand earplugs because they are affordable enough and can be used a couple of times before discarding them. I generally will replace a pair a week and before you think this unsanitary, I do rinse them off and dry them before placing them back into my ears. That is just common sense. These particular ones are marked as an NRR 33 rating which means a “noise reduction rating” of 33 db (decibels). Rock concerts are often over 100db and that is LOUD my friends.
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Happy Fourth Of July NYC (7/4/2013)

Just a quick posting to wish all of our friends, family and readers around the wherever a very Happy Fourth Of July which is being celebrated in today in the USA for those of you who are hitting our site from other parts of the world. I like making it a practice here on the blog to showcase topical visuals that I had seen and that being said here is some cool Independence Day pride that was observed on the windows of a bar called J.J. Bubbles in my Bay Ridge neighborhood.


This next image was found while doing one of my daily lengthy neighborhood walks and seen on the 92nd Street Overpass. Finding this was a case of perfect timing.


I didn’t see all that many out of the ordinary presentations this year so please be okay with these simple few. I hope you all have an enjoyable day with whomever you are spending it with and of course please be careful around those fireworks.

Happy Birthday America.

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30 Rooms: The Art Of Rebecca Jacob

I was recently invited to an art presentation that was called “30 Rooms” and this was being held in an office building on what appeared to be an open floor for the Regus Business Center company. Organized and sponsored by Six Summit Gallery, the event would present thirty different artists in thirty different rooms. While I did not manage to see every single room, I did get to a bunch that I really enjoyed and shall be presenting each of those artists in their own posting to allow for better focused attention. Here is Rebecca Jacob:

Poster - 30 Rooms

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