“Music Machine” by Sonni (6/16/2012)

I was on my way to the Gramercy Theatre to see a Hard Rock show this evening and had just left the Nice Guy Eddie’s bar for the very last time. Sadly, the establishment was set to close on 6/17/12 but you can read my lament on a different blog posting. As I walked up East 1st Street heading toward the subway on Bleecker Street, I chanced upon this group of sidewalk murals on Extra Place. The painting was a body of work called the “Music Machine” and it was done by graphic artist Sonni, an Argentinian born talent who does very colorful and playful designs. I took a quick snap from as best a vantage point as I could so you could all enjoy this as well. There were six sections to this mural.

To see this in living color for yourself, you want to walk up East 1st Street between 2nd Avenue and Bowery and stop somewhere in the center at the region known as Extra Place. Just bear in mind that I don’t know how long the piece will be there to appreciate so time is very likely of the essence. I had to say that I was glad to have passed this today because it just strengthens the belief that you never know what you will see at any given moment in New York City. Man how I love this city. It’s always so mentally stimulating and gets those ideas flowing. That’s all I have for now, stay tuned for more stuff as we come across it.

A Sad Goodbye To Nice Guy Eddies :(

Dear New York City. Please stop shutting down the places that I like to go to before shows and enjoy a beer with my friends. Alright, so perhaps the city did not actually close this establishment but by the time you are reading this posting the bar known as Nice Guy Eddies will have closed and I am not too happy about it. Eddie’s had become the official pregaming space for me and many of my friends as we headed to shows at Mercury Lounge and even the couple of blocks away Piano’s and Arlene’s Grocery.

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I’m Having A Chuck Norris Moment…..

While I don’t want to worry any of the blog readers here in the PiercingKen realm, you should know that I was quite ill for a couple of weeks thanks to a nasty bout of bronchitis in the beginning of June. I initially thought that this was a cold or a seasonal fever of some kind but the ever increasing temperature and cough combined with a real lack of ability to do much more than sleep found me hitting the doctor’s office and discovering what the malady was. I’m better now thanks to the antibiotics and that led me to share some amusing stuff in the side blog because while I was in the recovery state from the bronchitis I didn’t really feel like doing much of anything and the least of them all was shaving. You might not know this about me, but my facial hair tends to grow rather quickly, so I generally need to shave every single day. After not shaving for several days it was funny to notice that a healthy beard was developing and I could not resist sharing this at first with my Facebook friends and now you dear readers. According to some of them, I was becoming quite the Chuck Norris impersonator. It amused me to no end. Check them out below as these were taken between June 9-13.

The first one felt like a very MySpace photo that so many used to do, so while I kept it serious for the first one, I smiled a slight smile for the second.

The next day I felt this look seemed a little better, and I was not too happy with the first couple from yesterday. Remember I was on medications and not myself so I tried once more. This was one of the first photos I shared with my friends. Many of them have full beards so they welcomed me to their number.

I do have eyes, but really decided to keep the shades on during this since I felt that I looked a little spent from being so wiped out. I was sleeping at such odd hours during these two weeks.

My friends were having a blast with the Chuck Norris references, and a couple of my favorites included “when Ken Pierce looks into the mirror he sees no reflection because there can only be one Ken Pierce” and “when Ken Pierce goes to the gym he will never have a heart attack because his heart is not stupid enough to attack him”. Our trusty confidante the Finnish Ambassador Sammy said I could be the younger brother of Norris with this dead on look and Jumpin’ Joe Kaufman quoted the theme from “Hair”. I heard “we only have the Metal because I allow it” and that I sported some righteous shades. Needless to say this was all very helpful in getting back to normal health and the tasks at hand.

I’m fully better now and this look is gone and I am planning for the summer head shaving but perhaps when the wintery winds come a blowing this year I will give this look another shot and a longer go round. It might be fun. Only time will tell. Thanks for listening, it’s always great when you stop by this little website.

Lo, The Empire Is Just Ahead Of Us……Kinda :)

Do you watch “Boardwalk Empire”? The crime drama set way back in the early days of Atlantic City, NJ and currently airing on HBO? You do? I have to tell you that I only have seen one episode but thanks to some friends I will be occasionally getting the chance to indulge in this with their HBO on Demand. So the show stars Steve Buscemi who is a terrific actor and not long ago I was heading into Greenpoint Brooklyn for a Metal show with my buddy Mike of the Heavy Metal Mayhem program that I do the concert itinerary for. As we parked down off Franklin Street not far from Clay Street where the club was, Mike pointed out that the hit series was in fact filmed behind these gates in a sort of studio lot. I just had to try and get some visual of this so behold!

Yeah I realize this is a group of stacked high containers that we often see on ships but they concealed the treasure behind them and there is a decent sized Boardwalk and City scape as well. Imagine that.

I was sad that I did not have much of a photographic leeway to enjoy, but snapped a couple of shots of the box configurations for good measure. The gates were closed but if they were not I would have wandered aimlessly in pretending to be lost. when I am on a photo mission, I will go to great lengths to get my way.

If you train your eye carefully you can see some scenery that is set up between the cars. This was the best I could get and the closest. Maybe another time I get down there I look around at some other angles of see if I can find someone who will let me look for a couple of minutes. I got a crisp new dollar bill for the person that lets me. Yep. A brand spanking new crisp $1 bill. Surely someone is going to want to take advantage of that. Right?

While I realize that this was not exactly a visual treat you have to understand that sometimes that happens. Generally its just my chance to put you where I was at a particular time and getting to see life through my eyes. I love sharing what I observe with the readers and hence this blog. Next time I will aim for a little more awesome factor okay? I promise.

The Space Shuttle “Enterprise” Sails Through NYC’s Harbor (6/3/2012)

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon as you can see in the photo below, and luckily I had been listening to the news broadcast when they reminded residents of Brooklyn that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was going to be making its way up the Narrows to the Hudson River and heading for its final destination on the U.S.S. Intrepid. For some reason I was confused about the date but since time was still on my side, I rushed down to the Shore Road Promenade and secured a decent vantage point to snap photos as the shuttle passed by our region.

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