Exploring Toy Fair 2016: The TIA @ 100 Years

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Hello again. When last we met and began discussing the findings at the 2016 American International Toy Fair which I just called Toy Fair, I had presented the winners of the “Toy Of The Year” awards in their own post. Now before I get underway with the amazing companies that I am sharing here on The Chronicles Of PiercingKen, I wanted to share this awesome walk through history about the Toy Industry Association. They are celebrating their 100th anniversary with this years event and I felt that such a milestone deserved a post of its own. Here is the display from afar.

tia at 100 years, toy industry association history

Now that the full shot has been taken care of, let me go through this lineage panel by panel. I hope you can read them, I tried to get it all as large as possible without ruining the shot. See you at the close.
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Exploring Toy Fair 2016: Toy Of The Year 2016 Winners

Logo - Toy Fair - 2016

As previously mentioned, I was going to be a part of Toy Fair 2016 and lock in my sixth straight year at this amazing convention as a member of the online press. The coverage for this year’s go round was going to be presented to the readers of both of my websites with the more collectible action figures and fantasy stuff going to PiercingMetal.com and the more for younger audiences stuff happening right here.

toy fair 2016, toy of the year 2016 winners, toty 2016 winners

toy fair 2016, toy of the year 2016 winners, toty 2016 winners
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PiercingKen Goes To Toy Fair 2016

Logo - Toy Fair - 2016

For the past six years, my PiercingMetal.com outlet has been attending The American International Toy Fair as a representative of the media and for those new to the presentations, let me explain that this massive, industry only convention is one that showcases the latest and greatest toy and gaming offerings from the worlds most amazing companies.  In the past I’ve mentioned in these little signposts that the coverage done was usually focused on the super-hero, monster and science fiction properties since that is what our Metal demographic seems to enjoy the most.  Last year, I tried something different and tested the waters by adding some posts from the 2015 Convention on this site because the items in the photos didn’t fall under my main websites overall niche.  With so many of our PiercingKen.com readers being family people it made a lot of sense and going forward I hope to continue to offer up a number of visuals from Toy Fair right here.  Stay tuned and thanks as always for your kind attention.

PiercingMetal’s coverage of the American International Toy Fair 2016 can be viewed HERE.

Official Website: http://www.toyfairny.com/

Welcome Winter Storm Jonas :)

Winter Storm Jonas had started laying down what it was bringing late on Friday evening and that meant that a lot of cancellations and rescheduling of things to do was going to happen as our city officials began to close things down or limit service for the safety of our area residents. For me this meant the moving of the Lamb Of God concert (which will be featured on PiercingMetal.com once its attended) and the partial cancellation of the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest convention that I was heading to on Saturday but despite these changes I knew that getting some images for our readers in the warmer climates where such a phenomenon does not happen at all. The photo below was taken at around 1:30am from the apartment, it was already some serious downfall and seemed steady.

winter storm jonas photos

After the necessary sleep, I shot another image at around 8:30am and felt that some wandering for the purposes of this piece would be better to do soon and before it got too difficult to walk around out there. This was going to take some coffee.

winter storm jonas photos
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The David Bowie Mural Reminds Us Of Loss On The LES

The great David Bowie has been gone for a couple of weeks now and in addition to the throngs of fans showing up at his former place of residence not too far from where I snapped these photos, the proprietors of The Graffiti Room (a Ramen Shop on the corner of Kenmare Street and Mott Street) have lent their wall to this stunning mural. I took a wander over to the murals location since I was heading into the city for a Metal concert. After seeing it on a friends Instagram I knew I had to have my own photograph of the work.

david bowie, david bowie mural, nyc murals

The location is a short walk from the N, R, D, F, and 6 trains so do be sure to see it with your own eyes before it should go away. As nice as it is, nothing in NYC remains forever these days. While I was there I ended up taking some photos of passerby who wanted to be in their own shot but they had no selfie stick to get a proper full view. I didn’t mind and then when one asked if they could do one for me. I felt “why not” but as you can see I was not in the mood for smiling since the musical void that Bowie left behind was still resonating in my mind. This one hurt and our new year was not off to a good start with the loss of such a talent. Anyway, do make sure you see this mural in person while you can and should you like to see some of the visuals that I captured in front of his former residence you can click on THIS LINK.

david bowie, david bowie mural, nyc murals

Thanks again Mr. Bowie for all of your musical inspiration and creativity. I doubt we shall find as prolific a sort in music any time soon. Those interested in learning more about his storied life and career are directed to his Wikipedia entry which is linked below.

Official Website: http://www.davidbowie.com
Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Bowie

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