Happy New Year 2013 My Friends


Hello Readers and welcome to 2013!!! I wish you and all of your loved ones a very Happy New Year. Let’s make it an awesome one alright? Some of us might look back on 2012 and find it easy to mark out its disappointments now that its over but honestly, this is nothing new. It happened to 2011, to 2010 and well, you get the picture. It will likely happen shortly after we close the book on this brand new 2013 but despite that kind of stuff, we are here and its time to be the best person that we can possibly be.

I wanted to thank you all for joining me on this little side space of the web that I keep and I hope that we shall have some incredible adventures this New Year 2013. Looking back on our own 2012 it was certainly a productive one for this site and that only gives me encouragement for what is to come next. Stay tuned and Happy New Year once again. Make it a good one and stay tuned.

Merry Christmas 2012 NYC!!!

Welcome to the 2012 edition of my now annual presentation of some of the holiday images that I had observed while wandering around NYC over the course of the last few weeks. For ease of the posting they are all named with the Christmas Day date, but I took all of them at various times over the month of December. I hope you don’t mind, so here we go and “Merry Christmas” to you all 🙂

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A Quick Glimpse Of The Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral In NYC

I was down in the Village and heading to a venue for yet another rocking show and while on my way there I passed the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral down on Prince and Mott Street. I had a few minutes so popped inside to take a look around and they didn’t mind my taking some photos so I did. This visit was super quick so there aren’t a lot of images to peruse but at least its here for you residents to observe and even those friends from out of town who are marking down items of interest to visit when they get here. Enjoy.

old st. patrick's cathedral

old st. patrick's cathedral
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“Northern Oddities” V2 at Ivana Helsinki Concept Store (12/7/2012)

So last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the opening of an event that presented the photography of Ville Juurikkala with “Islander” and you can enjoy that narrative HERE. It was held at the Ivana Helsinki NYC Concept Shop and this is a store that focuses on and specializes in things that are Finnish in nature.

northern oddities, ivana helsinki nyc concept shop
Welcome To Ivana Helsinki

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Check Out Leo Villareal’s “Buckyball”

I always love the chance to see some really cool art displays while I adventure about in New York City and so far there have been a couple of times to do this over in Madison Square Park. The latest installation is called “Buckyball” which is the creation of artist Leo Villareal. I’ve copied the signage text just below its image.

Leo Villareal, Buckyball

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