Lo, The Empire Is Just Ahead Of Us……Kinda :)

Do you watch “Boardwalk Empire”? The crime drama set way back in the early days of Atlantic City, NJ and currently airing on HBO? You do? I have to tell you that I only have seen one episode but thanks to some friends I will be occasionally getting the chance to indulge in this with their HBO on Demand. So the show stars Steve Buscemi who is a terrific actor and not long ago I was heading into Greenpoint Brooklyn for a Metal show with my buddy Mike of the Heavy Metal Mayhem program that I do the concert itinerary for. As we parked down off Franklin Street not far from Clay Street where the club was, Mike pointed out that the hit series was in fact filmed behind these gates in a sort of studio lot. I just had to try and get some visual of this so behold!

Yeah I realize this is a group of stacked high containers that we often see on ships but they concealed the treasure behind them and there is a decent sized Boardwalk and City scape as well. Imagine that.

I was sad that I did not have much of a photographic leeway to enjoy, but snapped a couple of shots of the box configurations for good measure. The gates were closed but if they were not I would have wandered aimlessly in pretending to be lost. when I am on a photo mission, I will go to great lengths to get my way.

If you train your eye carefully you can see some scenery that is set up between the cars. This was the best I could get and the closest. Maybe another time I get down there I look around at some other angles of see if I can find someone who will let me look for a couple of minutes. I got a crisp new dollar bill for the person that lets me. Yep. A brand spanking new crisp $1 bill. Surely someone is going to want to take advantage of that. Right?

While I realize that this was not exactly a visual treat you have to understand that sometimes that happens. Generally its just my chance to put you where I was at a particular time and getting to see life through my eyes. I love sharing what I observe with the readers and hence this blog. Next time I will aim for a little more awesome factor okay? I promise.

The Space Shuttle “Enterprise” Sails Through NYC’s Harbor (6/3/2012)

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon as you can see in the photo below, and luckily I had been listening to the news broadcast when they reminded residents of Brooklyn that the Space Shuttle Enterprise was going to be making its way up the Narrows to the Hudson River and heading for its final destination on the U.S.S. Intrepid. For some reason I was confused about the date but since time was still on my side, I rushed down to the Shore Road Promenade and secured a decent vantage point to snap photos as the shuttle passed by our region.

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A Little Garden Art For Ya

I must admit that sometimes the strangest observances pique my interest and such was the case while hitting a neighborhood Home Depot store not too long ago where I found myself in the garden section and was curiously amused by the stacked up watering cans. At first glance I thought that they were cleverly and skillfully positioned together on top of one another and balanced with deadly precision so as not to topple over. It was only when a gust of wind blew the baseball cap I was wearing off my head that I realized how each of these cans were instead hanging on to security by a pole that was in the bucket display. The realization was a combination of the cap falling right near the stack of cans and also in my seeing that they did not fall down. Take a look though, its kind of deceiving right?

Here’s another angle.

Sometimes the illusion or perception of it makes it a magical visual but of course I might finally need a pair of glasses. Sigh. Alright that is all I have for you right now. See you again soon.

The Bay Ridge Memorial Day Parade (5/28/2012)

It was just Memorial Day here in the United States and while it’s a great day to have off from work and enjoy some BBQ with your friends and family, it is most importantly a day that comes to us thanks to the selfless sacrifice of our enlisted men and women who were killed in action. We must never forget this. The Piercing Ken inner sanctum is located somewhere within beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn and yesterday we had our annual Memorial Day Parade which ran down a section of Third Avenue. It actually was not much more than ten or twelve blocks in length based on all the parade routes being shortened a few years ago by the Mayor. I got there nice and early and shot a whole lot of photos that will hopefully make you feel as if you were standing on the corner with me as it went by. I also decided to limit the actual text and leave this as a primarily visual presentation. Please by all means enjoy what we are putting out there for you and next time we hope you manage to drop by.

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Reflecting On The Reasons Behind Memorial Day

It’s Memorial Day once again but as many people are wisely posting on their various social networking profiles, it is a day that is so much more than being about BBQ’s with your friends and family or getting some fast savings on appliances and other tangible crap. It’s a day that is one meant for honor and respectful thanks to those who lost their lives for our country in the service of the United States Armed Forces.

God Bless America

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