“Northern Oddities” V2 at Ivana Helsinki Concept Store (12/7/2012)

So last weekend I had the pleasure of attending the opening of an event that presented the photography of Ville Juurikkala with “Islander” and you can enjoy that narrative HERE. It was held at the Ivana Helsinki NYC Concept Shop and this is a store that focuses on and specializes in things that are Finnish in nature.

northern oddities, ivana helsinki nyc concept shop
Welcome To Ivana Helsinki

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Check Out Leo Villareal’s “Buckyball”

I always love the chance to see some really cool art displays while I adventure about in New York City and so far there have been a couple of times to do this over in Madison Square Park. The latest installation is called “Buckyball” which is the creation of artist Leo Villareal. I’ve copied the signage text just below its image.

Leo Villareal, Buckyball

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A Visit To L’Amour Brooklyn (Kind Of, Sort Of….)

Do you remember L’Amour? You do? Great and for those among you who do not, for many, many years this was considered “The Rock Capitol Of Brooklyn”. We’ve got so many younger Metal fans out there nowadays that this legendary club is only a thing of the tales that their older relatives bring up from time to time as they recant shows of the past or when legendary bands discuss their early years. For the longest time this was THE PLACE to be for bands and week after week you could see Overkill, Queensryche, Mercyful Fate, Slayer, Anthrax, White Lion and hosts of other groups. It was a pretty cool place to go to enjoy some Metal for the most part but in today’s musical geography the original club has been shuttered for a number of years.

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Celebrating Finnish Independence Day 2012

Hey there readers. Today is Finland’s Independence Day and I did what I felt was a fun narrative over on my Official Blog for PiericngMetal.com; In the narrative I reflect on the nations musical providers and which of them are of most importance to me as a fan of the Metal scene. Click the flag to be transported over to the posting and if you have some input, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Click The Flag

It’s been a very Finnish week for us in terms of both blogs because I only recently covered the photo exhibit at Ivana Helsinki NYC Concept Shop and later on tonight I celebrate the country’s big day by checking out Sonata Arctica and tomorrow I return to the Helsinki shop to see what their “Northern Oddities” display is all about. It should be fun and yes you can count on blogs and stories and images from them all. Stay tuned for that stuff and once again, Happy Independence Day to Finland. It’s their 95th you know….

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independence_Day_(Finland)

Ville Juurikkala; A Finnish “Islander” In NYC (11/30/2012)

One of the things I love most about having this side blog is the chance to share some amazing adventures around my city or things that are happening right under peoples noses and need to be shared. Such would be the reason for this particular posting as the other day I received an invitation to the opening party of one Ville Juurikkala. For those who don’t know the name, he is a world renowned photographer who has worked with the likes of HIM, The 69 Eyes and Nightwish. Check out the invite below….

Ville Juurikkala, islander photo exhibit
The Invitation

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