Hello Dolly, I Mean “Priscilla” :)

While walking around the Times Square region just after enjoying a film screening for the movie “Brighton Rock” I happened upon this lovely young lady all dressed in glitz and glitter.  She was advertising something and seemed very happy about it.  The tourist in me said “snap a photo Ken” and so I did and the charming lass kindly obliged.  She was apparently doling out flyers for the Broadway musical “Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert” which was originally a film starring Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce and Terence Stamp as three drag queens misadventures.  I never saw the film but did see some performances from the new musical on some of the television shows recently and think it might be fun to check out with the open minded guest.  Check it out and by all means let us know how it is.

I never did get this girls name but that didn’t matter since her positive enthusiasm and zeal were enough to brighten the day and the other journey’s on my plate.  There were more coming up in all honesty because NYC is just that kind of place with something interesting on every corner.  Thanks Miss.  I wish you well.

Introducing “Echo”; Welcome To NYC’s Madison Square Park

I had been wandering around the city the other day and it was a bountiful day for a photographer to say the least. I had only just passed the “Figurations” exhibit that was up on the Fashion District and as I got to the vicinity of Madison Square Park I caught a glimpse of something giant and white. It was obstructed by some trees and it definitely bore a closer look see so over to the park I walked.

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The “Figurations” of the Fashion District

It was just about a year ago when I was walking down Broadway on my way to see a publicity rep of note that I discovered a public art display that was really interesting. They called it the Sidewalk Catwalk or something of that nature and it was the kind of thing that made me glad that I almost always carry some kind of camera with me on my NYC wanderings.  You truly never know what you are going to see during the course of the day in this amazing city.  That brings me to this next blog posting, “The Figurations of the Fashion District”. The journey begins here on 36th Street and Broadway.  The sign below comes from a few blocks lower of course but I added it here for dramatic effect.

Welcome Fashionistas!

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New Yorkers Show Their Green Thumb :)

If you wander around New York City like I am fortunate enough to do and actually pay attention to your surroundings or the things that you are passing you might very well happen upon one of the many Green Thumb garden spaces. Obviously the term “green thumb” has something to do with gardening and what this organization does is take barren and often neglected lots and turns them into things of beauty and inspiration for all to enjoy. It’s not just relegated to our city of course and is an initiative of people across the whole country but one would have to agree that seeing these every few blocks or avenues is so much more pleasurable than seeing yet another condominium being built.

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Seasons Of Winter (being shared in the Summer)

I know that it’s the middle of Summer, but so what. It’s hot outside and there are days when it is next to impossible to get cool or comfortable. Let’s face it, in the big city, there are only so many clothes one can take off in public without getting arrested 🙂 Anyways, while going through photo folders recently I came across these images that were just perfect to be shared during the hot summer months. They were taken a few years ago when I spent the weekend with friends who have a house in the Poconos. It was cold that weekend but not bone numbing in terms of wind or chill so we did a little wandering together to see the surrounding area.

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