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If you have been paying attention to my PiercingMetal Musings Blog and its continuing run of narratives on the various Social Networking mediums, you probably thought that you clicked into one of them by mistake since I copied the title premise for use over here on the PiercingKen Blog. You’ll have to forgive me this little bit of Internet sleight of hand and know that I only did this to let you readers know that I am using the Photo Networking application called “Instagram”.

I’m kind of excited because this application while used by so many iPhone users around me, has only been available to the Droid smartphone users for about two weeks. I installed it on my Droid “Incredible” but really need to get used to it before my upgrade time comes. I will be getting a new phone in a little over a month since my plan allows me to do that every two years. I’m leaning on the Droid RAZR Maxx and am NOT switching to an iPhone like many suggest that I do. Sorry. With that being the case, my Instagram account is “PiercingKen” just like this here blog but I don’t yet see a way to paste a direct URL link to my account so that interested parties may come and follow me. Hopefully the name will suffice and those who wish to keep up in that realm will have a little initiative and search me. My plan is to use this to showcase an image or two that will eventually be used in blogs and that lets those readers see them first. How exciting is that? I know right, it’s really super exciting. Well. At least to me so I do hope you will come along especially if you like what we are doing here on the side blog. It’s goal is always to entertain.

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If you should want to enjoy the whole gamut of those Social Networking overviews and how I apply their use as a music journalist in today’s ever changing realm, just click HERE to bring up the list over on the PiercingMetal Musings Blog. Topical comments are always welcome on stuff like that especially if you are doing some similar adventuring.

UPDATE 8/13/2012: I discovered a way to find my Instagram and if you have any interest in what I am doing with that little side of the Internet you can easily click Follow from there. It seemed to work for me when I selected my friends account so have at it. I will try to keep you entertained and visually interested.

PiercingKen on Instagram = HERE

I Am The Egg Man – In A Sense I Guess

Or should I have said “I am an egg man”?

Since the PiercingKen blogsite is often about some of the kitchen skullduggery that I involve myself in, I decided to invite you all over for breakfast. Well, in a manner of speaking that is. It was Saturday and the day before Easter and I was not only hungrier than usual for this kind of morning but I also felt like putting a bunch of stuff together and work out a recipe for you all to potentially enjoy. Sadly, I had not thought of taking individual shots of each and every ingredient this time around because not only have I done that before, but how exciting are shots of chopped up stuffs anyway. My goal this morning was to fix up a great omelet and I just love the things in all honesty. Write this down for reference okay? This one used three medium sized eggs, some sliced pepperoni, chopped up mushrooms, pepper jack cheese and salsa (of the medium hotness). I will type out the steps I took after you enjoy the yummy photos. Here is the final result on the plate with a tasty onion Bialey. Looks good right?

Here’s a shot from the side of the plate. I could not wait to sink my fangs into this one and finish enjoying the non-pictured but massive cup of coffee I had made. This was clearly going to get me prepped for the evening’s Metal show. In order to learn about that you will have to monitor my Official PiercingMetal Musings Blog (which I think a lot of you are doing as well).

OK so now the steps. For this particular omelet I used three medium sized eggs as opposed to two jumbo ones, and once they were nicely blended together I toss them into the medium pan. A small pat of butter was added for good measure.

After about thirty seconds of this cooking in the pan I tossed the chopped pepperoni, mushrooms and the cheese right on top to cook a little deeper into the eggs. Then the tricky part of flipping it was done but as you can see in the image I did alright this time. Figures on a day without company it comes out perfect. The insides were nice and cooked and the cheese super gooey.

This was the perfect fuel for the later evening Metal show that I would be seeing. That’s all I have for you now though. Back to your day you go.

The Iron Maiden’s Gonna Get Ya!!! (With Well Placed Advertising)

I was walking down 44th street yesterday with the Finnish Ambassador as we were headed down to the Bull Moose Saloon for a few beers before we would go over to B.B. King’s to see a live music performance. As we walked we both noticed how there was a larger than life poster for Iron Maiden’s new live CD and DVD “En Vivo” hanging on the wall of the parking garage. I just had to snap a shot of it because I very seldom see any Metal advertisements in my adventures.

I recently received a copy of this release actually and will be posting a review on my main site soon enough. The concert audio and video features footage from Santiago, Chile when the guys were touring in support of the album “Final Frontier”. Having missed that particular event when it came to NYC makes me very curious as to what it is all about. That’s all I have for you right now, stay tuned to this blog and of course the PiercingMetal.com site to be entertained as much as I can offer you.

PiercingMetal.com Reaches Its Seventh Year Online :)


Hey there readers and welcome back to yet another post on “The Chronicles of Piercing Ken”, I am always glad to find you stopping by. So what is this particular narrative about you might be wondering, well, this is not so much a traditional post but is instead more of an announcement and traffic detour to my other website. I’m doing this today because PiercingMetal.com has been online for seven years as of today and one has to ring the bell over the bar with a lucky seven right? It’s been a blast bringing all sort of Metal music happenings to those readers and since the PK.com realm is vastly different from that side of the creative mix, I am periodically going to announce what is being done on PiercingMetal.com using the powers of PiercingKen.com – Don’t worry, my plan is to do the same thing over there for the benefit of this blog as it would only be fair. Anyway, please do click the wonderful seven slices of pizza photo below (that is from Nino’s Pizzeria right near our Creative Command HQ BTW) and you can see what is going on over there. Thanks as always for your interest and dedication to these creative musings. It’s a pleasure to serve you 🙂

Tugging Along on a Wednesday :)

I was out for one of my neighborhood walks/observations/inspirations or whatever and after being out for awhile ended up down on the 69th Street Pier. This is actually referred to as such by the area populace but is indeed called the American Veteran’s Memorial Pier”. Please make a note of it.

At the far end of the pier, near the sign I showed you up above, they have the American Flag presented proudly along with a POW MIA flag and I was happy to have timed this perfectly for my photographic needs. It was VERY windy today.

As I took a breather from the long walk, I looked out onto the water and my attention was directed to a very cool looking tugboat that was heading right past us. It was very sleek and modern looking so perhaps there is a new fleet being utilized in the harbor. Take a look. Pretty cool right?

I zoomed in a little too close here but look at the command cabin from here. Looks like this would be fun to be the captain of as you briskly break the harbor waters on your next detail. I wonder if they have WiFi.

I was down here with my good buddy Beehivehairdresser and we agreed that it almost seemed like a submarine based on how close it appeared to be on the surface of the water. What do you think? Have you seen this at any harbors near you? I’m always interested in hearing what you readers offer up. Here’s another, and similar shot as it passed us.

The tugboat is one of the Reinauer Twins models of boats. I placed their link below for you to do some additional reading. Pretty awesome stuff. The boat was quickly almost out of range from the cameras as you can see in my next shot.

Official Website: http://www.tugboatinformation.com/tug.cfm?id=1080

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