NYC Had A Snow Day Today (1/3/2014)

New York City got hit with a little bit of a snowstorm the other day and instead of sitting inside I downed a couple of cups of coffee and headed out into the day after mix to snag some photos of my immediate area. With so many friends in the warmer climates, I figured they would enjoy seeing this kind of stuff. Let’s start the adventure with the street right outside of my creative command center.


It was interesting to see Third Avenue so desolate but it was quiet so almost a welcome experience. There were not many people around me and this was not super early mind you. Everyone was bundled up because it was about 11 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s -11.666 for those of you using Celsius by the way (brrrrrr). I’m sure my Finnish friends would tell me that this is like a summer day to them.




A snow covered remnant of the Christmas Decorations. I guess it will be time to put that stuff away in about a week or so. Sigh. Just when I got my closet the way I wanted it I have to mix it up once again.


Now I was down on Ridge Blvd. My plan was to keep heading down to Shore Road and believe me the wind was picking up faster and feeling much colder. I was mostly prepared but thinking that forgetting the scarf was not the best idea. Oh well, too far down to return now.




Colonial Road has been achieved. There was more snow on this avenue since its farther down and the plows were focusing first on the main streets.


Shore Road as a street was pretty clear so I didn’t snap a photograph. The heavy traffic on this particular road and the sun beaming down right on it allowed this to be far different from the other streets seen in the narrative. Down into the Shore Road Park did I head next. This was very difficult to walk and the snow was about a foot deep based on the drifting of what had fallen the night before.



Meet me by the “Snowverpass” – This was a common meeting ground for my friends and I for many a year. Reflecting back on it I have to say that even weather such as this would not keep us from meeting up.


I walked over the snow covered pedestrian bridge to snag the always dramatic and inspiring view of the Verrazano Bridge and the water. I had to make this quick because it was officially bone cold down here and the water was moving fast and dramatically. I’m glad to have braved the winds to get you this so you didn’t have to schlep as they say.




The water in the harbor was so crazed that I had to get a quick clip of it so I did my best to get a few seconds of it with my phone. My hand felt like it was going to fall off after only about a minute since the winds were like knives. Needless to say I got on the move as soon as possible.

The Shore Road sidewalk still needed to be done of course but that was alright. It will keep.


Heading back up 92nd Street on the block below my own……


I think the late great Frank Zappa said it best “watch out where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow” 🙂



Just to show you how even a minor snowstorm effects the region here is something you seldom see. A couple of spaces in the Foodtown Parking Lot. There were a lot of them when I passed through and that is not common at all. I guess it will be worse when we get a bigger storm. Be sure you get your milk and bread the day before. I did ;p


This has been a PiercingKen Production. Stay warm my friends.


Oh I almost forgot to include this photo which was taken from the safety and minimal warmth of my kitchen. Look at that icicle! Look out below folks.