Now That’s a Pipe (8/19/2012)

I’ve showcased a couple of posts to you readers recently about the massive sink hole that found a few streets right in the vicinity of the PiercingMetal Command HQ being ripped up for necessary maintenance. I guess its the fact that I am male that all of the images of giant digging machines and cranes and weird looking pipes interest and intrigue me and that is why when I see something that catches my eye I snap it up and share it with you here. Such is the case with these two massive sections of a very large pipe that I saw on the corner of 92nd Street and Ridge Boulevard in Bay Ridge. Look at these things.

I could not even fathom how they were to be placed under ground but I guess that was a function of those big machines to worry about. They appeared to be at least twelve or so feet in diameter. Just compare them to the orange street blockers if you need to gauge the image. I could not stand next to it and shoot the shot since no one was around me when I saw them.

This construction is going to continue for awhile and I am sure that I will see some other stuff that merits sharing in no time. Now its back to the regular writing at hand and by the way, I hope I didn’t seem sexist by stating I “think I like this stuff because I am a guy” as I know some women who appreciate these things as well. The construction stuff just reminds me of far away days and Tonka trucks and digging in the dirt with it all. Ciao for now.

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