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Now Playing: “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies” In Theaters Everywhere (7/27/2018)

Back in May, I shared the trailer for the DC Animated Feature “Teen Titans Go! To The Movies” and if you missed that one please click HERE to be on point with the rest of the scoop. Now, as I’ve noted before, the live action DC Universe is a tad lackluster but they sure seem to be doing great things with the animated series and films and with that said I’ve been adding posts about them to the PiercingMetal.com website. With “Teen Titans Go!” being aimed at a younger audience, I decided to post the stuff about it here and that film opens today in theaters everywhere. Let’s take a look at the Official Theatrical Poster, and expanded voice cast list and some premise shall we.

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The Plot:
The Teen Titans learn that almost every hero in the DC Universe has their own films, ranging from Batman and Superman, to characters like Aquaman and Alfred! That said, they search for a director for their movie. But the Hollywood director Jade Wilson rejects their offer due to the fact that because of their recent actions over the past few years the Teen Titans can no longer be taken seriously. However, they find a window of opportunity for their own movie by having their own nemesis in the form of Slade, who plans to mind control the entire Justice League and take over the world.

Voice Cast:
Scott Menville as Robin
Jacob Jeffries as Robin’s singing voice
Greg Cipes as Beast Boy
Khary Payton as Cyborg
Tara Strong as Raven, Silkie
Hynden Walch as Starfire
Will Arnett as Slade
Kristen Bell as Jade Wilson
Nicolas Cage as Superman
Jimmy Kimmel as Batman
Kal-El Cage voices a younger Bruce Wayne
Halsey as Wonder Woman
Lil Yachty as Green Lantern
Stan Lee as himself
Wil Wheaton as Flash
Patton Oswalt as Atom
Eric Bauza as Aquaman, Stan Lee’s assistant.
Greg Davies as Balloon Man
Joey Cappabianca as Plastic Man
Meredith Salenger as Supergirl
Dave Stone as Challengers of the Unknown leader
David Kaye as the Alfred trailer announcer
Kaye also voices the Inside Premiere announcer.
Michael Bolton as Tiger
John DiMaggio as Guard, Synth Skate Voice
Tom Kenny as Machine Voice
Vanessa Marshall as Vault Voice
Phil Morris as D.O.O.M.S.D.A.Y.
Morris also voices the Red Carpet Announcer
Alexander Polinsky as Control Freak
Fred Tatasciore as Jor-El
Tatasciore also voices a security guard.
James Arnold Taylor as Shia LaBeouf

Piercing Ken Thoughts: Based on a crazy concert itinerary along with the films that I need to get reviews done of for PiercingMetal it is very unlikely that I catch this one in the theaters. It does look like fun based on that trailer and I encourage any of my friends and readers with younger kids in their world to bring them to this to help encourage more support of the superhero stuff in terms of film and comic books. Doing that is never a bad thing IMHO. Will you be catching this film? Chime in down below and please no spoilers for those who might be lining up to check it out.

Official Film Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Teen_Titans_Go!_To_the_Movies

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